Simplify your Spring cleaning

With the arrival of spring, we often feel the urge to brighten up our indoor spaces, especially if we moved in to a new house or condo during the winter and haven’t had time to get everything set up. To ensure you don’t forget anything or exhaust yourself unnecessarily, why not make a to-do list for each room and clean them one by one? Here are a few tricks to simplify your cleaning.

Ceramic and spotless grout

Shiny ceramic and spotless grout

Porous ceramic and grout are sometimes very difficult to deep-clean. For a spotless kitchen or bathroom backsplash, try this simple solution: fill a spray bottle with half a cup of warm water, a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of dish soap, and a quarter cup of oxygenated water (peroxide). Spray on your ceramic tiles and grout let it sit for 10 minutes.

Using a Vileda® tile and grout brush, scrub the cracks between the tiles, then wipe the ceramic with a damp sponge. And you’re done! It’s as simple as that.


Range hood

A clean and efficient range hood

The range hood is one of the greasiest and dirtiest areas of your home. Spring is the ideal time to clean it thoroughly.

First, you’ll need to wash the filter (unless it’s a charcoal filter) or replace it. You can either soak it for several hours in a mixture of hot, soapy water and white vinegar, then gently rub both sides, or simply put it in the dishwasher.

To clean the inside of your range hood, try biodegradable CLR® bathroom and kitchen cleaner, an ideal product to power through tough grease. biodégradable pour salle de bain et cuisine est tout indiqué car il vient à bout de la graisse tenace.



tile brush


Dislodge stubborn dirt and clean hard-to-reach places with this tile and grout brush



Make your kitchen and bathroom look as good as new with this cleaner.


Bright and shiny windows

While many people prefer to wash their windows with a water and white vinegar solution, dish soap produces excellent results. Use a microfibre sponge to wash the panes and work up a soapy lather. Wipe the windows clean with a squeegee, then dry the sills with a cloth.

To wash your windows outside, we recommend the Windex® Outdoor Cleaner. Simply connect the bottle to your water hose and spray each pane. This product even works through screens and decorative grates.



A ready-to-use BBQ

Before using your gas barbecue for the first time this season, it’s important that you check for leaks (you can find out how online).

Whether it runs on gas or charcoal, your barbecue will need a thorough cleaning. To easily clean your grills, leave them on your lawn overnight. The dew will help loosen the grease and make cleaning a breeze the next morning. If your grills are rusty, rub them with flaxseed oil after cleaning.

To give your barbecue’s stainless steel surfaces a brilliant shine, try a product like the GrillPro® cleaner.

Now all you need to do is replace your protective cover if it hasn’t survived the winter. Your BMR dealer offers a selection of covers. Visit our store to choose the best one for your BBQ.



Window cleaner


Opt for this WINDEX cleaner for impeccable outdoor windows.

stainless stell polish/cleaner


Grill Pro cleaner gives stainless steel a polished and shining aspect.