Donations and Sponsorships

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Through its donation and sponsorship program, BMR Group wishes to fulfill its role as a responsible corporate citizen by supporting various social causes. Year after year, BMR Group contributes to many different projects, events, and causes that fall within its preferred sectors of activity.

Do you have a project to submit to us? Before doing so, please read the selection criteria, exclusions, and additional information provided below.

Selection Criteria

Preferred sectors:

The donations and sponsorships granted by BMR Group exclusively support projects in the following activity sectors:

  • Health
  • Amateur sports and physical activity
  • Community
  • Sustainable development

Accepted sponsorships must offer BMR Group exclusivity in the field of home renovation and hardware. Moreover, BMR Group must benefit from enhanced visibility or business opportunities.

Local Communities

BMR Group chooses to invest in causes and events that take place in cities within its network.

Target Clientele

All donations and sponsorships must offer BMR Group visibility among its target clientele, such as:

  • Renovation centre clients
  • Homeowners (or owners of other immovable property)
  • BMR Group’s business partners
  • Families

Promotion of BMR Products

BMR Group favours projects and events that help promote its products, activities, and network. Consequently, the support granted by BMR Group may be in the form of goods and services.


Selected projects or events must publicize BMR Group’s products and services to enhance its good reputation. Maximum visibility must be offered through various communication tools, such as advertising, street marketing campaigns, social network promotions, and press releases.


The bigger the project’s reach, the better its chances are of being selected for a BMR Group sponsorship.


While all causes have value and deserve to be given special attention, BMR Group unfortunately does not consider requests that

  • involve a single person or a personal project;
  • conflict with BMR Group’s values;
  • come from regions that are not part of BMR Group’s network;
  • are submitted less than two months before the event;
  • are in the form of a circular letter;
  • support political, lobby, religious, or pressure groups;
  • support professional sports teams; or
  • are incomplete or lack relevant information.

Additional Information

Sponsorship requests must be submitted at least eight weeks before the event.

All requests, whether they are accepted or rejected, will receive a follow-up from us. We do, however, require four weeks to send out our response. No phone calls please.

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Submit a request

Please complete the online questionnaire in order to submit a donation or sponsorship request to our group.

BMR Group wishes you best of luck on your application!