10 tips for renovating your bathroom

Regardless of what you have in mind for your dream bathroom, some tips and tricks are essential for properly managing and carrying out any remodeling project. Here are our top 10 tips and a few mistakes to avoid. Follow the guide!

Bathroom vanity


Tip #1 - How many people will use the bathroom? This is a crucial question to help you plan out your storage space. If there is only one complete bathroom in the house, a vanity with a cabinet is preferable to a pedestal sink for essential items.

Tip #2 – During the planning phase, avoid making the toilet the first thing we see when we enter the room. If possible, use a vanity or a low wall to hide the toilet or, even better, set it apart in a smaller room.

bath,shower and toilet


Tip #3 - What’s the best way to choose a bath? You need to try them out! People are often shy about trying products in store, but to ensure that your bath is comfortable, you need to see if it fits your body, whether you’re tall or short, well-built or slim. Lastly, if one partner enjoys a nightly bath while the other takes an occasional dip, we recommend choosing a bath that can accommodate the former.

Tip #4 - Make sure to set up the heat control near the door if you use a ceiling showerhead so the water is at the right temperature when you step into the shower.

Tip #5 - Consider your budget and your lifestyle when choosing a shower. We recommend a dual-circuit shower and thermostatic mixing valve. A final tip: extending the shower wall to cover the surrounding walls creates an illusion of space.

Tip #6 - Epoxy grout is more waterproof and easier to clean than regular grout. That said, it is more expensive, and application is more difficult. We recommend it for bathroom areas exposed to water. It is a must for the shower.

Built-in shower with ceramic


Tip #7 - Smaller spaces are best for a single sink and separate shower rather than a bath. The shower is truly the essential item. That said, if there is only one complete bathroom, you need a full bathtub, if only to attract future buyers when putting the house on the market.

Tip #8 - More than ever, you need to think practically when planning a vanity. Three words: simplicity, style and functionality. There is no need for the piece to be large, only functional. Choose drawers: they are roomier and provide easier access than cabinets. Finally, add an oversized decorative mirror as a final touch.

Tip #9 - Choose large ceramic tiles such as 24 x 24 to create a wide-open bathroom space.

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Tip #10 - Creating a sense of harmony, space and fluidity from one decorative feature to another is important. Choose a unifying wall covering for both the bath and shower. Don’t be afraid to mix different materials and textures or show contrast between heavier and lighter elements.



Poorly installed ceramic can ruin visual effect


Lack of storage space leads to clutter


Poor makeup lighting

Source : Rénovation-Bricolage Author : Chantal Lapointe