Properly organize the play room

Children need a place where they can play to their hearts’ content. To help them better enjoy their play room, it must be functional and welcoming. Here are some tips for creating their dream play room.

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If there is space, it is a great idea to dedicate certain areas of the room for specific activities, which will also help to keep the room well organized. You can even have a crafts area, a reading area, and a space for dolls or Lego, or even a costume trunk. These areas can be tailored to your child’s interests. Simply arrange the toys and necessary furniture in their respective place.

If there is not enough space, you can easily separate the room with a curtain, which will create two distinct sections.

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If your child is of preschool age,  make sure the furniture is the appropriate size. A table and two chairs are essential for doing crafts, drawing, doing puzzles, or playing board games.

A bean bag-style seat is ideal for the reading or relaxing area because it is comfortable and easy to move around. If you have an armchair or floor cushions, make sure to choose ones with washable covers for those impending accidents...

A foam puzzle mat is ideal for young children playing on the ground, as the hard floor can quickly become uncomfortable.

Bookcases or shelves create room to store crafting material, books, and board games in baskets.

If you have an older child and want to create a media area, you can invest in a wall unit to store items like controllers and games discs.

Lighting is also essential. Ceiling lights give sufficient lighting for most activities. An extra reading lamp could also be a great addition to the relaxation corner.

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To help your child keep their spaces clean, bins with lids or storage boxes are perfect for keeping toys. Remember to place them at your child’s height to facilitate access. Identify each storage bin with an image, which is easier for your child to recognize than words.

Opt for several medium-sized bins instead of one large one so that you don’t end up with a single messy bin.

A hanging net is ideal for storing stuffed animals.

For a well organized crafts space, choose a storage system with clear plastic drawers, allowing your little one to easily find what they are looking for.

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Once the playroom is well organized, it is time to make it inviting and practical. Young children like fun and lively colours like yellows and bright blues. Since walls must be washable, go for a semi-gloss paint. You can even use blackboard paints on a section of the wall that your aspiring artist can freely draw on with chalk.

You can also use washable wallpaper instead of paint.

Decorate the walls with wall stickers, stencil patterns, photos, or your child’s drawings.

Try repainting an old bookcase or cabinet to give it another go at life and match it to your decor.

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When designing a play room, you need to consider its functionally and safety. It is best to choose fire-retardant and nontoxic furniture and materials. Plastic furniture is also easier to clean than fabric furniture, which will help keep the area tidy.

If you like, this project can also help teach your child eco-friendly choices by choosing products made from recycled materials. You can also select eco-friendly crafting supplies and place a recycling bin in the play room. After all, it’s never too early to go green.


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