The arrival of cold weather inevitably reminds us of that long list of tasks that need to be completed to prepare the yard for winter. It's time to clean up the flower beds and prune the shrubs, install your winter protection, spread fertilizer on the lawn and, of course, get the neighbor to help you install the car shelter. Find all the essentials for fall and winter at BMR.

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Car Shelter - BMRCar Shelter - BMR

How to install and anchor your car shelter

If you don’t have a garage, car shelters can be very useful in winter for keeping the snow and ice off your car in bad weather. But they have to be installed properly to make sure that they don’t buckle under heavy snow or get blown away by the wind.

Smart thermostats - BMRSmart thermostats - BMR

Thermostats: How to decide which one is right for you

The unit on the wall that controls your heat sources, the thermostat ensures the temperature is just right for you. Although there are a range of models out there, not all offer the same level of precision and potential for energy savings. Here’s how to decide which one is right for you.

Wood fireplace - BMRWood fireplace - BMR

Buyer's guide : Which fireplace meets your needs?

A fireplace is a sure-fire way to create an atmosphere and can be a good back-up heating solution, depending on the model chosen. Here are the things to consider when purchasing your fireplace.

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