Creativity and style for your child’s room

The bedroom is where you recharge your batteries at the end of the day, so it’s only natural that you would want to give your child their own little kingdom where they can relax, play, and study. Here are a few ideas to give their room a trendy and feel-good design.

Kids bedroom green chair

The colours of the hour

This year’s colour palette is incredibly diverse, with pastels, mouse grey, almond green, khaki, orange, and mustard yellow all making a splash. Another trend is to use unconventional colour combinations, such as blue, white, and yellow, on a single wall. As for patterns, fruits and flowers are quite popular.

kids bedroom pink carpet

Two design trends in particular are currently gaining momentum: jungle and retro. The jungle look is suitable for both a baby’s room and a pre-teen’s room. Warm tones, such as yellow and orange, are favoured, often paired with green and khaki. Add some animal and floral wall decals, a rattan chair (or suspended chair), a lamp with canvas lampshade, a few animal sculptures or figurines—and voilà! You have a perfectly curated room.

To create a retro decor, opt for a pastel colour palette, checkered or floral bedding, a wrought-iron headboard, a jute rug, embroidered cushions, and an antique lamp.

kids bedroom articlesCredit picture: MURDesign

These walls need some texture!

Make your child’s room pop by segmenting the walls. All you need to do is add moulding or a strip of wallpaper to divide the walls into two sections, giving the room a dynamic look.

Decals are also useful for giving a wall some texture, especially if you want to redesign the room as your child grows without repainting.

kids bedroom classroom board

For you artists out there, stencilling is a great way to create a focal point and set the tone of the room.

Lastly, a broad selection of paintable wallpapers is available to give the room a versatile design.

posters and art pieces

Creative wall decor

Unsurprisingly, art pieces and posters are a very practical way to enhance a room’s design. But why not create an adaptable decor that will highlight your little ones’ artistic talent? Simply hang a few frames on a wall showcasing your child’s latest creations. With adhesive putty, you can regularly swap out their works of art without damaging the paint.

kid bedroom with house bed lamps chair and poster

Add a touch of wood!

The richness of wood undeniably brings warmth, originality, and coziness to any space. Don’t hesitate to add wood accents to your child’s room (furniture, toys, art pieces, frames, or even a barn-wood beam). Ideally, opt for natural or varnished wood, not painted.

Your BMR’s Paint section has a wide variety of wood varnishes to give your accessories a younger—or even aged—look.