Welcome to tips and tricks | Exterior Paint Application

Painting or staining your patio or outdoor materials isn’t rocket science. Discover our tips and tricks for starting your outdoor projects this summer by watching these short video modules.

The best time to paint outdoors

Wait for ideal weather to begin your outdoor painting project. Have you thought of everything? Learn a few tips in this module.

Painting an exterior wall

Discover some clear, simple tips for painting an exterior wall.

Painting exterior windows and doors

Which paint should you use to paint PVC or aluminum doors and windows? Is there a special technique for painting doors? Discover all the answers in this module.

Painting a fence

Need to repaint your fence this summer? Discover a few tips.

Painting your patio

Learn some tips for achieving an impeccable summer patio.

Complementary products for great results

A few essential products that can help you save a lot of time with your outdoor painting project.