4 DIY projects to do with your children

Spring break is an opportunity to unwind and spend some quality time with the children. Why not take on a do-it-yourself project together? Have a blast while creating precious memories.

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Build a birdhouse

Several simple and complex feeder templates are available on our website. You can choose one in the size you require. Opt for a model with a roof adequately covering the entrance to prevent the interior from becoming wet; nests must always remain dry.

Naturally, when undertaking such a project with your child, you should take care of the dangerous tasks yourself. First, cut the wood with a mitre saw or table saw.

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Next, nail the pieces of wood together making sure that the tips do not protrude through the other side as they could injure the birds. Ask your child to sand the outside of the birdhouse using sandpaper to give it a nicer finish. Be careful not to sand or paint the interior, however, as this would reduce the birds’ ability to grip the surfaces and leave the birdhouse.

Using a circular saw, drill an entrance so that the birds can reach the nest or food. All that’s left is to paint your birdhouse the colours of your choice.

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Wall-mounted cup holder

Need something to hang your cups on in the kitchen? This is the project for you!

Depending on your desired style, several types of wood are available, from oak to recycled pallets. Instead of hooks, you could use drawer handles as an attractive alternative.

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For a cup holder, you could also use a perforated panel instead of pieces of wood to easily hang your hooks. All that’s left is to customize it with paint or varnish.

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Revive your pots with some paint

Feel like revamping your storage jars or flower pots without spending a fortune? It couldn’t be easier! Use Mason jars, beer bottles, porcelain vases, or anything else you have lying around. A lick of paint will give them a fresh, new look.

To start, thoroughly wash and dry your containers. One technique is to pour latex paint into the containers and let them dry upside down over a protected surface. Another technique is to use aerosol paint on their outside surface. Once they are dry, you can easily add coloured designs with stencils or geometric lines with masking tape.

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Visit one of our stores to see the variety of paint available for this type of project. Our staff will be pleased to help you.

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Herb planters

For fresh herbs all year long, all you need is a planter placed in front of a sunny window or hung on a wall in a bright space.

The first thing you’ll need is planks of wood. You can find templates on websites such as Pinterest. Your BMR dealer can also cut the wood for you; just ask in store. You’ll also need screws and nails, as well as sturdy plastic for lining the inside of your planter. Finally, choose a soil and a selection of your favourite plants.

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If you plan to put your planter outside in the spring, you should choose treated wood. If you choose another type of wood, however, you should paint it to make it more weather-resistant.