6 tips to turn your garage into a haven of peace

1. Get rid of clutter

Determine which objects to give away, to throw away and those to keep. Make three piles and go back over them once you are done for a final analysis. You can even have a garage sale to get rid of some stuff, but most often, it's easier to donate them to a charity.

2. Separate and organize

Separate objects by category such as car accessories, tools and garden tools, sports or camping and cleaning products. Then sort out, once more, according to type of object, family member to whom it belongs and season for use. Try to store each category in a different cabinet.

3. Clear up the floor

Make sure not to run over anything when parking your car! Cleaning the floor will become a lot easier once everything is stored upwards. This also reduces the risk of finding unwanted creatures! And why not put wheels on a toolbox? That way, you will be able to move it when you clean. Use all the surfaces, even the ceiling. You can even install a rack on the ceiling to store winter tires.

4. Revamp the floor

Epoxy paint is so easy to maintain. A vibrant and inviting coat of white epoxy, or of a very light colour on the floor, will make your garage a multifunctional room that will blend perfectly with the other rooms of the house.

5. A laundry room in the garage

Outdoor items must be placed near the garage door, while household items and appliances must be placed in the back. Install one or two shelves on top of your appliances to place products and two plastic bins, one for clean clothes and the other one for dirty clothes.

6. A well-parked car

Once you are done with organizing your garage, all that is left to do is park your car since you have all the space you need to do so!