Arrange your backyard


Unlike balconies, backyards can sometimes be so large that it becomes difficult to design them. A well thought-out plan is neccessary to avoid ending up with a backyard that looks empty or abandonned. This is why the first step when it comes to arranging a backyard should be visualizing specific spaces and mentally dividing the yard. For example, you can plan an eating area on the deck or on the terrace, imagine a reading space under a mature tree or next to the pool, contemplate growing a small garden alongside the fence and consider a play area for the little ones. You can recreate the concept of "rooms" outdoors just like in a house.


However, there is no need to build up walls to create those divisions. On the contrary, it feels good to have a sense of freedom and open spaces when we are outside. The simple addition of visual elements will be sufficient to create imaginary divisions and arrange the backyard so that every square foot is integrated in the décor and has a specific purpose. You can then define a "fire area" in the yard by creating a circle with natural stones or paving stones. Place a beautiful outdoor fireplace in the middle of the circle and set chairs all around. Summer nights will inevitably end up around the fire, marshmallows burning on the end of a stick. It will be the ultimate gathering place for friends and family. Just like a rug in a room, all that it will have taken to define the space are a few stones. In the same way, a sun shelter with a table and chairs underneath is all it takes to create an eating area. Small bushes can shape the kids' play area and prevent balls from ending up in the pool... or on your head.


When you have a large backyard, you should always furnish it accordingly. Take advantage of this wide surface to use more furniture. There are now several styles of outdoor furniture that replicate our indoor furniture: bars and stools, sofas and chairs, coffee tables... The possibilities are almost endless. It is important to match the size of the furniture with that of the yard. A nice big sectional sofa will create a much better visual impact on a wide terrace — and will be much more comfortable — than tiny chairs scattered here and there.

Privacy is also an issue that affects people who have access to a backyard. In some cities, when you are outside, you are practically in your neighbour's house. To remedy this situation and have some sort of privacy when you are outside, several solutions are available. You can install a wooden fence with a lattice decoration at the top. These are generally higher than most fences and will keep prying eyes away. For a green touch, you can also plant hedges or fast-growing trees like cypresses. Finally, for your romantic evenings, you can also add curtains made out of heavy and rich fabric to your sun shelter. They will create a private and cozy nest and add a touch of romanticism to your nights.