Create your own ambiance

There is nothing like light to create instant ambiance. Light can transform a family backyard into a hip lounge to have friends over or into a romantic and peaceful haven for a lover's tryst. When it comes to lighting your exterior living space, you must think of the various purposes that it must serve: a good lighting is required for reading spaces and where there are security issues, whereas a colourful lighting is appropriate for parties with friends.A few basic guidelines can help you figure out which type of lighting to choose in different areas:

Step 1

Step 1

Light coming from fire will instantly create a feeling of warmth and coziness. Place torches around your dinning area. They will create a comfortable atmosphere and help keep mosquitoes away. You can also scatter flameless candles throughout your backyard. This will give you the illusion of being in a tropical paradise, without hazard.

Step 2

Step 2

Crisp white lights will ruin any hushed ambiance, but they are your best choice for areas that require good lighting, like reading areas or stairs. Apply small lights on the risers to make the stairs safer and create a walkway with a

Step 3

Step 3

Finally, to give punch to any outdoor space, there is nothing quite like coloured lights. They will modernize the décor and provide a trendy look. They are ideal for late evenings with friends.

Besides lighting, there are several other ways to create ambiances. A pond or a fountain will create a sense of calm and lead to relaxation, whereas an exterior fireplace will provide a friendly atmosphere. Observe your environment and think about how you want to enjoy it.

You can also use colour to "decorate" your backyard. Just like you would paint the walls in a house, you can "paint" your exterior retreat with the various plants that Mother Nature has given us. You can choose any colour under the sun and define different areas by creating colour themes.

Lastly, you need to figure out which floor covering is best for the space you have. Nowadays, several materials are available for homeowners that wish to redesign their lawn. From synthetic "wood" to natural stones, each material helps to create a specific ambiance and provides a distinct character. Wood is generally associated with warmth, while natural stones are more on the rustic side. Of course, grass is always an option for those who wish to have some greenery. It is nature's carpet. But for those who find that grass is a little too hard to maintain, there is now another "green option": clover. Soft under the feet, it can also suffer continuous treading — like in the kids' play area, for example. You won't need to worry about mowing your lawn or having it dry up at the faintest sign of drought anymore.

To conclude this article, we give you a few tips that will allow you to maximize the use of your new "room;



Installing a sun shelter will provide some shade that will be greatly appreciated during the summer's hot spells and will allow you to extend the outdoor living season from early spring to late in the fall.


Purchasing a patio heater can also help you extend the use of your outdoor space. It will be useful during the summer's colder nights as well.


A waterproof trunk is a very useful accessory to have on hand. You can store toys, cushions and even blankets for colder nights in it. You will always have everything you need without having to leave your new favourite "room".