5 ideas to refresh your terrace

terrace crédit: SICO


Here are 5 ideas that will revamp an otherwise bleak terrace.

1. Furniture is the way to go. Carpet, sideboard, side table: make the outdoor dining room and living room comfortable spaces with nothing to envy about the indoor spaces.

2. What if we transform the structure? Decorate the railings, add a bench seat or a space for the BBQ, open up the lattice with a geometric shape to be occupied by a flowerpot or, allow a climbing vine are all ways to reinvent the terrace.

3. Lighting! There is nothing like an appropriate lighting to make the terrace look magical at dusk. Garden lanterns, metal floating lights, LED light play ... the options are endless!

4.Let’s not forget the green touch. Choose exotic large leaf plants for an trend-right  look or grasses presented in large vivid color or, concrete cachepots. Compliment it all with annuals for accent color.

5. Go for accessories. Cushions, covers, trinkets, coloured dishes, nice garden tools... all give it an indispensable finishing  touch.

Source : Rénovation-Bricolage Author : Chantal Lapointe