2024 in living colour: this year’s trends

Show your true colours in 2024, with Splendi! In this article, we reveal our colour of the year, along with a complete matching palette to inspire your next renovation and decoration projects.

French Purple : colour of the year  

For 2024, Splendi has chosen an enchanting hue from its paint collection, available exclusively from BMR. The colour of the year blends in seamlessly with warm, natural tones.

Reminiscent of a fragrant field of lavender, juicy plums or the purplish sky of the summer’s last twilight, French Purple (6013-03) subtly soothes the body and mind.

The charming colour invites contemplation and creativity while making a statement and maintaining an air of mystery. 

It grounds the whole palette, making it easy to balance its deeper shade with the other colours.

French Purple colour of the year Splendi BMRFrench Purple colour of the year Splendi BMR

Splendi’s 2024 trends palette : pleasantly mysterious

Splendi’s 2024 colour picks are extremely versatile. Whatever your style, you can use these colours to create the perfect look, from simple and timeless to modern, exciting and up to the minute. 

Customize your colours with confidence and bring your style to life. 
Splendi: Show your true colours! 

Kitchen paint with Grey Shell and French Purple coloursKitchen paint with Grey Shell and French Purple colours
Dried cinnamon Splendi BMRDried cinnamon Splendi BMR


Grey Shell

Gentle Cloth Splendi BMRGentle Cloth Splendi BMR


Sweet Shortbread

Quesso Blanco Splendi BMRQuesso Blanco Splendi BMR


Mild Mist

Freshwater Pebble Splendi BMRFreshwater Pebble Splendi BMR


Splendi Classical White

How to use Splendi Instant Harmonies  

How do you know if you’ve chosen the right colours? Will they go well together? How can you avoid mistakes? Use Splendi Instant Harmonies! 
These colour combinations make it easy to choose your colours and know that you are choosing well. You don’t need to be a pro renovator to get splendid results! 

Splendi Instant Harmonies can help you make easier colour choices for your interior and exterior paint jobs. The concept is simple: each set gives you three harmonious hues based on a central colour, each complementing the others perfectly. You can then use this palette as inspiration to create bold but informed combinations of colours, materials and accessories.

Click here to explore all our colourful ideas or pick up an Instant Harmonies card from the paint counter at your local BMR!

Bedroom paint with splendi new colourBedroom paint with splendi new colour
Couleur Cramoisie Splendi BMRCouleur Cramoisie Splendi BMR



Couleur Avoine Splendi BMRCouleur Avoine Splendi BMR



Couleur Flanelle Splendi BMRCouleur Flanelle Splendi BMR



Couleur Flanelle Splendi BMRCouleur Flanelle Splendi BMR


Splendi Classical White

What about neutrals?   

If you prefer rooms in neutral colours, Splendi has you covered. Your 100% local paint also offers “Favourite Neutrals.” The colour selection tool shows you 18 different hues in cool, neutral and warm tones. In the blink of an eye, you’ll find the ideal colour for your latest paint project.    

Need more inspiration? View all our Favourite Neutrals here! 

Harmonies couleurs neutres 2023 Splendi BMRHarmonies couleurs neutres 2023 Splendi BMR

Do you like certain colours?

Ask for your favourite shades at your local BMR paint counter or order them online using our Colour Selector.

Splendi: Show your true colours with confidence.

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