17 tips for improving your home organisation

An organized home saves time making daily chores easier while improving quality of life.


1. A thorough edit in cupboards and closets

We always ask the same question: “do I really need this?” No need to keep something which has not been used for two years. It’s surprising to see the speed at which cupboards empty themselves! You just need to sell or give to make others happy.

2. Plan

Each item in its place where you need it and have easy access.

3. Share Household Chores

Every member of the family can contribute, provided storage is thought out according to age.

4. Exploit Nooks and Crannies

Find new uses for wasted space underneath stairs, landings, and hallways. A 10 to 12-inch depth is sufficient to store a variety of items such as gloves, tuques, scarves, books, pencil holders, etc.

the vestibule


5. Closet size permitting, install modules including  kid-style: school locker type modules, with a shelf and hook are very efficient. You can also use identified storage bins. Use under-ceiling spaces to stock out of season items.

6. Install side tables or shelves for mail and smartphones not forgetting a bench or ottoman.

7. Make a corner for dog items:  leashes, coats, plastic bags.

8. Lay enough carpet for boots and shoes to dry.



9. Everything must be within reach depending on the activity area (cutting board, knives on the counter, utensils near the stovetop...). In addition, regroup cleaning products in a bucket and install a rail under the sink for garbage bags.

10. Rails or shelves installed on the backsplash are useful for paper towels, spice jars and large utensils.

11. Gather like items in baskets in the pantry. Keep a stepladder nearby for easy access to higher shelves.

12. Cork boards, pegboard, magnetized boards or blackboard paint on doors are useful for calendars and shopping lists.

13. Keep appliances handbooks in a seldom-used cupboard like the one over the refrigerator.

14. Plan enough seating-room including a few extra seats.

15. A table with drawers or some shelving accessible to kids allows them to store books, coloring-books and pencils.

16. Integrate furniture including storage around the fireplace.

17. Use a sofa backed with a sofa table or a sideboard in an open space, ideally located near the dining for table cloths and your best dishware.

Source : CHEZ SOI Author : Emmanuelle Mozayan-Verschaeve