10 tips to improve home office organization


Whether it’s in an enclosed room or part of an open living space, your office deserves special attention. Some enjoy a neat and well-kept office space, while others prefer to arrange their office “their way” for better efficiency and comfort. Whatever your preference, two things remain essential: storage and organization. Read these 10 tips for making your office the envy of all your friends.


Tip #1 - Space permitting, get organized by using a desk or storage unit that hides all your files and documents.

Tip #2 - Take your time when choosing your desk. Many models are available on the market, from very minimalist desks to sturdier ones with drawers and storage. Desks for use with laptops increasingly reflect current design trends and include compartments for hiding cables.

Tip #3 - If you lack closed storage space, store documents in boxes or in appealing assorted magazine racks that don’t overpower the room’s decor. Choose attractive pots to hold pencils, paperclips, and other small work accessories.

Tip #4 - Use a corkboard or a magnetized board. The latter can be used to post memos or important notes, freeing up space on the desk.



Tip #5 - Hide the computer tower. In the past, we needed to access it often to insert CDs or floppy disks; today, however, we just need access for booting and shutting down the computer. It can therefore be discreetly stored away in a closet, for example. Cables can be fed through a grommet installed over the moulding between the closet and the desk. The grommet can be painted the same colour as the wall.

Tip #6 - Arrange the closet based on everyone’s activity and install adjustable shelves. Carefully plan for everything that requires storage before creating the layout. Plan space for the printer (ideally 75 cm off the floor) and store the modem in the closet.

Tip #7 - If you decide to put your computer tower in a closet, replace the doors with openwork doors or make an opening close to the tower to ensure good ventilation.

Tip #8 - Limit the quantity of cables by buying a wireless keyboard and mouse. This simple trick will really tidy up your workspace.

Tip #9 - If you don’t have a closet, why not create your own unique bookcase or build customized shelves for storing your binders, books, and folders?

Tip #10 - Storage boxes come in many different styles and sizes. Whether you place them on shelves or on a bookcase, they are an ideal decorative storage solution for small objects or work materials. Use smaller boxes in drawers to store items such as tape, paperclips, coloured pencils, and the like.

Source: CHEZ SOI Author: Emmanuelle Mozayan-Verschaeve