Eddynet cow brushes: Let them scratch that itch!

Eddynet cow brushes: Let them scratch that itch!

Text by Marianne Lavoie

Dairy cows naturally rub and scratch their bodies against structures to remove dirt and parasites that can become lodged in their hairs. Rotating brushes are recommended for farmers looking to improve the well-being of their cows. Besides helping with daily hygiene, cow brushes come with a variety of benefits.

Much like us humans, cows love a good massage! Rotating cow brushes stimulate the skin, boosting circulation and providing a relaxing experience not unlike massage therapy. Give your cows a brush, and soon, they will not want to live without it. You will even see them lining up in the stable to wait their turn!

Eddynet is a Quebec company specializing in cow brush design and manufacturing. They have developed a new model that is sure to improve the well-being of your cows. “Most cow brushes on the market only let the cows brush their backs, or part of their backs and sides,” says René Bellerose, General Manager of Eddynet. “However, our brushes provide access to all sides of the cow’s back, and our pivot system has two degrees of freedom to allow movement in every direction, for complete back and side brushing.”

The Eddynet cow brush is fully automated and has a one-metre contoured brush head, which allows it to clean a greater surface area and remove dirt more effectively.

Cows are very sensitive to their environments. When they are relaxed, they produce higher quality milk and do so more efficiently. Animal welfare accessories such as rotating brushes are associated with fewer health problems and decreased joint pain, allowing cows to spend less time grooming and more time producing milk. “A healthy coat gives cows better body temperature regulation and lets them channel their energy into milk production,” says Bellerose.

Experts recommend having one brush per about 50 cows. Since each facility is laid out differently, it is important to choose the right location to ensure that your cows can easily access the brush at all times without getting in the way of other farm equipment. Thanks to the Eddynet brush’s pivoting arm, you can move it to clear a path as needed.

“The Eddynet brush is easy to install,” adds Bellerose. “Just attach six bolts, and the brush is ready to use! It has a dual voltage motor (110 or 220 volts), but because the brush will often be located quite far from the stable’s electrical panel, we recommend using a 220-volt power supply for better stability and 50% less required amperage.

For more information on this BMR Group exclusive product, contact your nearest dealer.

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