Automated cow brush

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Brushing calms and relaxes the cows. It slows down the implantation of ectoparasites and wicks away perspiration.

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Automated cow brush
Automated cow brush Automated cow brush Automated cow brush Automated cow brush Automated cow brush
• Adjustable Auto Start (5 to 20 °) • Adjustable Auto Stop (30 u 90 sec) • To ensure long bristle life and efficient brushing during brush lifetime, the rotation will switch direction every half hour • Built in safety feature senses resistance will make the brush to stop and switch rotation for 10 sec • Hourglass profiled 36 in (1m) brush to conforms to the shape of the cow • Dual voltage Motor (110 VAC/ 220 VAC) • Easy access emergency stop switch • Swing arm to put the unit out of the way • All steel construction with durable powder coated paint • Long arm to allow the passage on each side.
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