Color Zoning, enhance your decor

Love a vibrant color – it’s a thing. Use that color to paint a whole wall is another thing. The color zoning is a new way to see color in a space and also a great solution for those who like vivid colors.

Peinture zoningcredit: SICO

A trendy, original and affordable idea

The color zoning technique brings a splash of extreme color to your decor without overwhelming the whole space so you can emphasize certain decorative elements or mark certain spaces with vibrant colors. It is an affordable way to decorate since all you need is a small amount of paint.


Peinture zoning

For example, paint a square or a rectangle in another tone on a wall surrounding a frame or an object to make it stand out, or create an imaginary headboard for your bed by painting an area a different color to give it an original look. Using certain tones will make a piece of furniture the focal point to your room while a horizontal band at the bottom of a wall will give it movement. The possibilities are endless, let your imagination go free.


Peinture zoning

Three golden rules to follow

You wish to enhance the look of natural wood mouldings? Paint your walls in tones of blue or green to have all their beauty and richness come out. For already painted mouldings, doors and garnishes, they will stand when painted with a glossier finish than the walls.


Peinture zoning

There are a few golden rules to follow for a successful effect!

Rule #1 - Don’t use more than three colors, and remember that it is the tone that is used to create the focal point that must be the most apparent.

Rule #2 - The quality of the work is just as important. All the different sections must be perfectly defined and the lines must be very straight.

Rule #3 - The use of accessories such as masking tape and stencils is highly recommended.