What can you do with wooden pallets?

Wooden pallets are very fashionable as they can be used to create design furniture at low cost. In addition, you only need a few tools to make them, and with a little paint or stain, they can be customized to match any decor. So, get out your saws and hammers!


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A stylish and practical entryway

Everyone wants a functional entryway to hang up their coats and store their shoes. Well, here’s the solution: a shoe rack and a wardrobe both made of wooden pallets.

By overlapping three or four pallets cut to the same dimensions, you’ll have several storage spaces to put away your shoes and boots. Attach a few planks to the wall and screw in some hooks, and you get a handy, stylish hanger for your jackets, bags, and coats.

Discover the pallet sizes available at BMR.


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All around the patio

If you’re an avid DIY enthusiast, all you need is a saw to whip yourself up a patio that’ll be the envy of all your guests! Use wooden pallets to create deckchairs, drinks tables, and planters.

For the deckchair, you can choose either a fixed or a reclining backrest. To get started, download a diagram online to construct the mechanism for lowering and raising the headrest. Then just purchase some cushions and relax.

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And for your social gatherings, how about this drinks table with integrated bar to store the bottles?

Do you love gardening but only have a patio? How about a vertical garden, which allows you to grow several different types of plants and herbs? To identify them, simply paint the planks with Rust-Oleum chalk board paint.

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An original and sturdy box spring

Without a doubt, wooden pallets are ideal for making a sturdy and functional box springs, as the space between the planks can be used to store books or magazines.

To make a raised base, simply stack two pallets on top of each other.

While some people prefer a platform that is the same size as the mattress, others choose a much wider one to add a sophisticated touch.

And of course, you can use a pallet to make a matching headboard.

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How to prepare wood for painting

As pallet wood is rough, it needs to be sanded properly before painting unless a rustic finish is the desired look. In this case, a weathered wood accelerator is exactly what you need (available in grey or brown at BMR).

And because the pallet boards are not made of the same wood, it is best to apply at least two coats of paint (wait at least 24 hours between each coat) to avoid having different shades between the slats.

Any acrylic paint will do the job, but if it’s for patio furniture, it’s better to choose an exterior wood paint, which is much more weather- and UV-resistant.

And if you’re feeling creative, the Testors Acrylic Paint Set is for you. It contains 12 colours of 59 mL each and is the perfect way to inspire your inner artist.

For more ideas, find inspiration directly on our Pinterest board “Project: Pallets”. You’ll find a ton of ideas and suggestions for creative projects to do at home.