Welcome to the age of the smart home!

Nowadays, technology is evolving at a blistering pace. It not only simplifies our lives, but also saves us time and money. What’s more, the products on the market improve our comfort at home and ensure our space and belongings are kept safe. Ready to begin the transition to a smart home?


Philips hue

Let there be light!

Being able to control connected lighting from your smartphone is an option that is not only fun, but also accessible and easy to install. Some companies, such as Philips with their Hue lighting system, offer very interesting products that allow you to control your lights using a mobile app. You can adjust their intensity, synchronize them with your TV or video games, turn them on and off, and tinker with a variety of settings depending on the product.

With its millions of colours and complete range of whites, Philips Hue enables you to create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion, from romantic dates to festive celebrations. With the Hue bridge, you can easily connect up to 50 bulbs or lamps throughout your home.

A quick tip: Get a starter kit, which comes with a few bulbs and a bridge. You’re finally ready to control your lighting remotely. 

For true fans, Philips Hue offers a wide range of diverse products, including light strips, nightlights, and portable lighting, such as the Hue Bloom. They are ideal products for the children’s room or for showcasing your home’s architectural details.

The company Sengled also offers several interesting products for controlling your lighting, with a few bonus features.

With the Pulse Solo LED bulb, you can play music from the bulb itself. A useful 2-in-1 product for your home office or bedroom.

Snap, another Sengled product, is an LED light with a built-in camera. Simply install the bulb in a strategic location, such as outside near the garage or front door, and monitor these points at your leisure directly on your smartphone. What’s more, the bulb has a built-in speaker and microphone for communicating and listening to sounds and conversations.

smart home go connect

A simple, streamlined solution.

Installing a light switch can sometimes be a real head-scratcher. First you have to drill holes, then connect the right wires, and so on. For some, this is a piece of cake; for others, however, it easily turns into a chore that takes hours. Besides, do you really feel like drilling holes into your beautiful kitchen backsplash? We didn’t think so.

With the  GoConex light switch, this task becomes a walk in the park. No matter the surface—ceramic, brick, wood, concrete, or glass—, the switch can be installed without drilling holes, running wires, or installing a switch box.

All you need is a screwdriver and three minutes—that’s all there is to it!

smart home google home

Fun, convenient products!

Lastly, your smart home isn’t complete without a Google Home Assistant. A wide variety of products is compatible with this device. Click here to see the list.

With the Google Home Assistant and the Google Home Mini, you can ask questions, control your music, adjust the thermostat, and so much more. All this with the simple vocal cue, “OK Google.”

Stop by one of our stores to check out our multitude of home automation products or visit our page listing all the products compatible with your Google Home.

You’ll have all you need to join the growing technological trend of artificial intelligence and connected products.