BUYER'S GUIDE : Which Christmas lights to choose?

Who said November is boring? It’s the perfect month to start decorating! Why not spend some quality time putting up your outdoor decorations? It’s a good tip to avoid frostbite in December.

When it comes to incandescent lights versus LED lights, they both have their place on the indoor Christmas tree and on the outdoor railing of your home. Learning about the differences will help you decide what’s best for you.

Little lights everywhere!

At Christmas, trees and houses are shinny and bright. Inside or outside, lights add warmth, but most of all, they create an unparalleled effect.


If you are looking for a warm atmosphere or one similar to the flame of a candle, incandescent lights are your best bet. Their rustic, muted effect is more traditional, and never goes out of style.

LED lights are brighter and shine more. However, they are an excellent choice since they require much less energy and last longer.

You can find both LED and incandescent lights in a variety of colours: white, red, blue, multicolour, etc.


Do we like icicle lights, curtain of star or snowable lights ?

Of course! Put them up along a gutter, near a window or on a column. They glow in every direction and showcase your home in the best way possible.

In addition, because they are small, they are very easy to install. Some sets of lights can also change settings, going from fixed to dynamic light.

Exteriror icicle lightsExteriror icicle lights

Mini-guide to indoor and outdoor lights

  • M5 lights: miniature, ideal for trees, wreaths, and garlands
  • C6 lights: small, ideal for railings
  • C7 lights: medium, ideal for railings
  • C9 lights: large, to use on eaves
  • Light nets: miniature, to place on shrubs and bushes
  • Icicle lights: miniature, ideal for eaves

Christmas projectors

Once that’s taken care of, add a little magic with some projectors. Bring snowflakes to life, create a display of dancing lights of all colours, and even get Santa onto your roof!

These decorations won’t go unnoticed and are a breeze to install. They’ll fill kids and kids-at-heart with wonder every time. 

Light show snow projectorLight show snow projector

Get those lights up before the first snowfall!

Check out our selection of Christmas lights on our website or for more information, ask expert advice in store.

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