Are you looking for a simple and affordable way to give your bathroom a whole new look? The solution: colour! Here are a few inspiration ideas for using BMR's SPLENDI paint, as well as some application tips for this room. Get your brushes ready!

3 paint ideas for the bathroom

1 - Adding an accent wall 

Redefine your space by applying an accent colour behind your bath, toilet or why not on your ceiling?

Colours used in this image:

Partridge Grey 6208-21, Pudding 6110-21 and Winter Storm 6021-11

Harmony: Revisited Modern

Idea: Adding an accent wall to the bathroomIdea: Adding an accent wall to the bathroom

2 - Creating a colour zoning

This is an affordable way to decorate! Add a splash of vibrant colours (maximum 3) with this technique that requires only a small amount of paint and will enhance certain areas of your bathroom, like your vanity or the wall behind your toilet!

Colours used in this image: Icicle 6171-11 and Town Life 6204-52

Harmony: Stylish Greys

Idea: Creating a colour zoning in your bathroomIdea: Creating a colour zoning in your bathroom

3 - Freshening up an old piece of furniture

Give your vanity or storage unit an updated look by simply painting it, which will create a whole new feel in your bathroom. Choose BMR's velvet finish Splendi paint, an elegant finish that is perfect for highlighting furniture pieces and decorative accessories.

Colours used in this image: Shingle Roof 6206-42, Old Pink 6189-31, Legacy 6192-21

Harmony: Quiet Blend

Idea: Freshening up an old piece of furniture in the bathroomIdea: Freshening up an old piece of furniture in the bathroom

Which paint to choose for the bathroom?

A key feature: washability

BMR's Splendi Supreme high quality paint is the perfect choice for a weekend project! For the bathroom, we should choose a paint that is washable, durable and, above all, mildew-resistant. And with Splendi Supreme, you kill two birds with one stone: it's a 2-in-1 product, combining paint and primer.

Easily select your colours with Splendi's Current Harmonies

Presented in a combination of 3 trendy colours, the current harmonies allow you to make an easy, smart colour choice and to create colour schemes like a pro without any mistakes!

Six harmonies (of three colours each) are available.

Are you a fan of neutral colours? Our Splendi "Favourite Neutrals" colour harmony is the tool for you! Eighteen colours in cool, neutral and warm shades. Find your perfect colour in a flash.

Ask for your favourite shades at the paint counter of your local BMR.

What finish should I choose for my bathroom?

Semi-gloss or gloss finish

If your choice of colour is neutral, semi-gloss or gloss finishes are the way to go. These finishes are optimal and known for their durability and great washability. Their strong, long-lasting finish can even be scrubbed for a thorough cleaning. Semi-gloss and gloss finishes require a little more technique when applied with a brush. Using a very soft bristle brush or a foam brush will provide a more even application.

Velvet finish

If you have chosen a colourful bathroom, go for a velvet finish. This finish is ideal for the best washability and colour rendering. With its less glossy finish, the style will live up to your expectations!

Bathroom - What colour should you choose?Bathroom - What colour should you choose?

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