Tips and tricks - Surface Preparation

Before painting any surface, be sure to thoroughly clean and prepare it. This ensures a more consistent result, free of stains and unpleasant surprises. Check out our various modules to guide you through this step. Several products and tips will help you correctly prepare your surfaces.

Cleaning the surface for painting

Planning to paint a surface? Be sure to clean it with the right products before you start painting to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Stripping surfaces

Stripping painted wood can be a real headache. Be prepared with the right tools to strip your surface before repainting, varnishing, or staining.

Repairing surfaces

Each type of surface requires a specific product. Make sure you’re properly equipped to repair the surfaces you want to paint. Watch this short module to learn more.

Sanding surfaces

Sandpaper, metal wool, a sander: what tool should you choose to remove surface imperfections before painting? This short module offers some tips.

Shellacking knots

Does your wood have knots? Get some great tips for preparing your wood surface before painting or staining.

Applying a basecoat

Several products are available to improve the adhesion of your paint, prevent absorption of the coating, hide stains, or achieve a more even finish. Learn about these products in our short module.

Complementary products for preparation

Some additional products will help you prepare your surface for painting. Don’t hesitate to use them to make your job easier.