Welcome to tips and tricks | Paint brushes

The types, shapes, and sizes of the paint brushes offered in store are almost endless. When painting, the quality of your brushes should not be overlooked. It is an essential tool for good finishing and precision, so it’s important to choose high-quality products. Learn some tips for choosing the right brush and tricks for maintaining and using your brushes.

Choosing a brush

It’s worth investing a little in a better paint brush. Why? All the answers are in this short module.

Brush bristles

Synthetic bristles or natural bristles? What should you choose?

Brush shapes and sizes

Learn some tips for choosing the right brush shape and size for the task at hand.

Specialty brushes

When is the right time to use a foam brush? Get some tips on using specialty brushes.

Brush preparation and care

Preparing and maintaining your quality brushes doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn some ways to properly maintain your brushes and keep them ready for future use.

Proper brush use

Do you have good painting technique? We give you a few tips to ensure that you achieve the result you want.