Welcome to tips and tricks | Interior Paint Application

Painting your house, condo, or apartment can be very simple, even for beginners. All you need are the right tips to avoid small, irritating mistakes, as well as good technique for flawless results. Follow our seven tips for painting indoors.

Sequence for applying paint

Some practical tips on applying paint to interior surfaces—make sure you respect the correct sequence before painting a room.

Painting ceilings

Painting the ceiling and ensuring a perfect finish is possible, if you follow these tips and tricks.

The right tools for painting window frames

Should you paint a PVC or aluminium window? What brushes should you use? Discover all the answers to these questions.

Painting doors—use the right technique

Use the right technique to paint interior doors, with or without moulding.

Techniques for painting woodwork

Tips and tricks for painting your mouldings, before painting walls.

Tips and tricks for painting your walls

Discover our tips to obtain a perfect finish when painting interior walls.

Brushes and rollers—which ones should you use?

What basic equipment do you need for indoor paint jobs? Rollers, brushes and other tools—which ones should you choose?