Any customer wishing to participate in the Reward Program needs to fill in the activation form available on the www.bmr.ca website, or at any participating Groupe BMR inc. dealer location.

The following regulations, terms and conditions apply to the BMR 360 Reward Program of Groupe BMR inc., (hereinafter called "Reward Program") and provide relevant information concerning procedures for registration, collection and exchange of BMR 360 Points as well as various other aspects of the program.

To use BMR 360 points to purchase merchandise in store, BMR gift cards or Transat Holidays gift certificates, the BMR 360 Card holder’s profile must have been previously completed online or at a participating BMR dealer location.

Any customer who has filled in the activation form and in whose name Groupe BMR inc. has issued a BMR 360 Card shall fully participate in the program.

By signing the Reward Program activation form or by using The BMR 360 Card for the first time, the customer or contractor:

  1.     Certifies that he is of legal age in his province of residence (or has obtained consent from a parent or tutor);
  2.     Consents to Groupe BMR inc. collecting and using personal information which concerns him, except to the extent that he has notified us otherwise; and
  3.  Accepts the regulations, terms and conditions of the Reward Program which can be modified at any time by Groupe BMR inc.

Registered customers residing in the same household will be considered as different cardholders and will accumulate their BMR 360 Points on each of their BMR 360 Card.

Business corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, groups and associations may also join the Reward Program.

The customer consents to the collection and use of personal information which concerns him within the rules set by Groupe BMR inc. regarding privacy and confidentiality. (See section on confidentiality hereunder for more information).


The BMR 360 Cardholder collects points on purchases made at any participating Groupe BMR inc. dealer location with the exception of taxes on taxable products and services, or any other excluded merchandise which can be determined at any given time by Groupe BMR inc.

Each eligible purchase dollar from a customer at any participating Groupe BMR inc. dealer location excluding the exceptions in the preceding paragraph is equivalent to one (1) BMR 360 Point taking into account that 1,500 BMR 360 Points are equivalent to ten (10) dollars (CAD)

Groupe BMR inc. may, at its sole discretion and according to specific considerations, grant from time to time additional BMR 360 Points upon purchase of certain products, or for special periods and various promotional operations. These additional BMR 360 Points will be the object of a specific communication on our website, and/or in store and/or in flyer announcement in participating Groupe BMR inc. dealer locations. Additional promotion points on specific products are not applicable on purchases charged to the customer account.

To obtain BMR 360 Points, the customer must present The BMR 360 Card at the moment of transaction at any participating Groupe BMR inc. dealer location's point of sale, at any time before the end of the said transaction. For the holder of a Contractor - BMR 360 Card with a customer account at a participating Groupe BMR inc. dealer location, points will be accumulated upon total payment of the invoice related to the purchase charged to his customer account, however payment must be made according to the contractor's agreed terms of payment otherwise the BMR 360 Points will not be granted. If the Contractor - BMR 360 Cardholder does not charge his customer account, he will then need to present The BMR 360 Card before the end of the said transaction.

The number of accumulated BMR 360 Points for each account can be accessed at any time by the BMR 360 Cardholder by simply consulting the sales receipt at the moment of purchase or by visiting the www.bmr.ca website. The customer will find the total of his accumulated BMR 360 Points from the latest update. Should the cardholder think that his balance of BMR 360 Points does not correspond to what is indicated on the sales receipt, he must advise Groupe BMR inc. or the BMR store by mail or email ([email protected]) within thirty (30) days of the date indicated on the sales receipt. For a contractor BMR 360 Cardholder, access to the total of his accumulated BMR 360 Points is only available on the www.bmr.ca website unless the purchase was not charged to his customer account, in which case the number of accumulated BMR 360 Points will be indicated on the sales receipt. There is no limit to the number of BMR 360 Points a customer can accumulate.

In case of server or network failure, The BMR 360 Card cannot be used to accumulate BMR 360 Points.


BMR 360 Points can be used as a method of payment when purchasing merchandise at any participating Groupe BMR inc. dealer location. To qualify for this advantage, the customer must present his BMR 360 Card at the point of sale before completion of the transaction. Photo identification may be requested by the participating dealer's employees.

BMR 360 Points can only be accumulated when customers purchase hardware products and construction materials. Gasoline, convenience store products and bulk feed are excluded from the 3BMR 360 Points program. 

BMR 360 Points cannot be redeemed for cash and have no monetary value; neither can they be used to pay the balance on a BMR credit card or an invoice charged to the customer account. The number of exchanged BMR 360 Points cannot exceed the amount of the transaction to which they are applied; therefore, no cash refund will ever be made.

All purchases made with The BMR 360 Card will be subject to verification by Groupe BMR inc. as to the number of points available which needs to be sufficient to allow their use as a method of payment. A minimum balance of 1,500 available points on The BMR 360 Card is required.

For all customers, a delay of 15 days is mandatory between the purchase date and the release of accumulated points for use as a method of payment.

If the terms of payment agreed to the holder of a Contractor - BMR 360 Card exceeds 15 days and payment is made after the 15th day but within the terms of payment then BMR 360 Points will be available from that time only.

For any return of merchandise, credit or refund at any participating Groupe BMR inc. dealer location, BMR 360 Points awarded at the time of purchase will be deducted from the total of points indicated in the customer's account. The BMR 360 Card must be presented.

If BMR 360 Points are used to make a purchase and this purchase is cancelled, the BMR 360 Points used will be reregistered in the customer's account; they cannot be refunded in cash. The BMR 360 Card must be made available for the transaction.

In case of server or network failure, The BMR 360 Card cannot be used as a method of payment.


Accumulated BMR 360 Points cannot be transferred (in part or in totality) to another person. Two (2) exceptions may be granted by Groupe BMR inc.

Upon cardholder's death, registration and accumulated BMR 360 Points can be transferred to the person designated by his estate upon presentation of the cardholder's death certificate and his card (in which case the card will thereafter be cancelled) and will be subject to the same accumulation and exchange conditions. Should the designated person refuse such adhesion, the card and its registration will be terminated by Groupe BMR inc. and the accumulated BMR 360 Points will be cancelled.

In the case of a divorce or a separation, BMR 360 Points jointly accumulated can be transferred or divided according to the agreement of both parties, courting conformity with a final court judgement or following applicable laws of the pertinent province.


In any case of fraud, misuse of The BMR 360 Card by the customer, false information provided by the customer or non-compliance to the cardholder conditions may result in the cancellation of The BMR 360 Card and all accumulated BMR 360 Points.

If Groupe BMR inc. cancels a customer registration for any reasonable cause such as fraud, misuse, malfeasance, card skimming or any other unacceptable practice unauthorized by Groupe BMR inc., the customer's BMR 360 Points will automatically be cancelled without prior notification.


Groupe BMR inc. reserves the right to abolish the program at any time and/or to modify program components in whole or in part without prior notification, including the manner by which BMR 360 Points are accumulated, as well as products and services offered as a counterpart.

Should the program be terminated or suspended while the cardholder still holds BMR 360 points at its termination or suspension date, the cardholder will then have one (1) year to redeem them against products and/or services offered by any participating BMR dealer location. Beyond this period, BMR 360 points will automatically be cancelled.

The BMR 360 Card remains the property of Groupe BMR inc. and must be returned upon request.


The modalities for implementing the present program are subject to applicable laws and regulations in The BMR 360 Cardholder's province of residence as well as to those of Canada. In the event that any provision contained herein is declared invalid or illegal, such provision or part thereof should then be deemed unwritten and the other provisions contained herein shall remain in force.

Any inquiries regarding the program should be addressed to Groupe BMR inc. by email ([email protected]) or by mail to the attention of the program administrator.

Should events beyond the control of Groupe BMR inc. (acts of God, natural disasters, civil unrest, wars or major changes in economic or business conditions) seriously compromise Groupe BMR inc.'s will to maintain the program as then constituted, the program may be suspended or terminated in part or in full and the BMR 360 Points accumulated may be cancelled without prior notification and would cease to be redeemable or transferable thereafter.

It is the responsibility of the BMR 360 Cardholder to check with an accountant or a tax expert that the proper tax treatment will be applied when redeeming points.


Personal information collected under the Reward Program will be used only by Groupe BMR inc. and its participating dealers; it will not be sold or rented to other businesses or organizations. This information is necessary to administer the program and enable Groupe BMR inc. to manage the accounts of program participants and update the balances of points earned by the cardholders, to manage the exchange of points and grant reward and privileges to holders of The BMR 360 Card, to better identify customer needs and preferences and improve Groupe BMR inc. and its participating dealers customer services. Personal information concerning program participants is considered an asset linked to the Reward Program and in the event of sale or transfer of ownership of Groupe BMR inc., this information may be transferred as one of the assets of Groupe BMR inc.

However, Groupe BMR inc. may, when legally required to do so, supply any information with regards to points allocated to its customer, including competent fiscal authorities, as the case may be.

Information provided to Groupe BMR inc. at registration can also be used to communicate with cardholders to inform them of upcoming events, special offers or exclusive promotions. Should you not wish to receive communication from Groupe BMR inc., please inform Groupe BMR inc. by email ([email protected]) or by mail to the attention of the program administrator. Groupe BMR inc. records must include a valid address for each cardholder to ensure that information concerning the program can be sent to the proper address. In case of change of address, the cardholder needs to notify Groupe BMR inc. of his new place of residence. Groupe BMR inc. cannot be held responsible should the cardholder not receive the communication or if said communication is received at the last minute or after the announced event has taken place.


All cardholders release Groupe BMR inc. as well as its dealers, affiliates and respective managers or directors from any other delictual or contractual liability or responsibility resulting directly or indirectly from or related to the Reward Program or from your registration to this program.