Tips for a healthy natural Christmas tree

Natural trees have been popular for several years now. Their scent alone helps create a magical Holiday atmosphere. However, you often end up with more needles on the floor than on the tree, which creates a fire hazard. Here are a few tips to avoid this.

A healthy, green tree!

To enjoy your natural tree for three to four weeks and make it as safe as possible, here are a few steps you can take:

First, make sure the tree is freshly cut (its needles will be very green and will not detach easily).

Have the trunk trimmed on a slant by at least 2 cm to remove the layer of hardened sap that it has secreted to protect itself when cut. By opening its “wound,” the sap will begin freely flowing again inside the trunk and needles, and your tree will be able to absorb water.

Within four hours of purchasing your tree, place it securely into a tree stand suitable for its height and fill the water reservoir.

Finally, position your tree at least one metre away from any source of heat or flames (heaters, fireplaces, etc.) and out of the way of high-traffic areas, such as room entrances.

Girl holding a natural Christmas treeGirl holding a natural Christmas tree

Small and practical or big and beautiful

Often, a natural tree has one or more branches that are longer than the others, or a crown that’s too high for your ceiling. These small details can complicate its set-up. But with a few snips with the pruning shears, and you’re good to go.

While you’re at it, cut the dead and broken branches, as well as low-hanging limbs that block your nativity scene or other decorations.

The ideal way to trim a Christmas tree is to keep its pyramid shape. Since it’s a natural tree, it may not be completely even, but that’s part of its charm! For large branches, bypass lopping shears are ideal because they require only a small amount of force to sever the branches.

Tip: keep a few small branches to use in your eco-friendly gift wrapping!

Pruning shears with fir branchesPruning shears with fir branches

Watch out for dehydration!

A dried-out Christmas tree can catch fire in the blink of an eye, simply from the heat of the lights that decorate it. Make sure to check the condition of the wires and bulbs of your Christmas lights before use. Also, don’t overload your power outlets or connect multiple extension cords, and never leave lights on unattended.

To prevent your tree from drying out, it is very important to keep it watered so that it retains its moisture during its time in your home.

On the first day, a natural tree can easily drink up to 4 L of water, meaning you will have to fill its tank a few times during set-up. Check the water level each day to see if you need to add more.

To help keep your tree well hydrated, you can add Miracle-Gro water for Christmas trees. This specially formulated fertilizer improves hydration, thereby reducing the number of needles that end up on your floor over the holiday season. One cap per litre of water is all your tree needs to stay healthy during the few weeks it will adorn your home.

Christmas tree with white ornaments - BMRChristmas tree with white ornaments - BMR

100% recyclable

Did you know that Christmas trees can be recycled? In fact, most municipalities have a program for collecting and composting Christmas trees. Depending on the service offered, you will have to bring it to an eco-centre or put it out on the curb on a special waste collection day.

Your tree will then be used to make mulch or compost for your city’s green spaces. Some municipalities distribute it free of charge to their residents as soon as spring arrives.

A few trees are given a second life in the winter in municipal parks or at outdoor events.

All in all, buying a natural tree is very environmentally friendly!

Collecting and composting Christmas treesCollecting and composting Christmas trees

A natural-looking artificial tree

Many people prefer an artificial Christmas tree for various reasons.

For one, it’s quite easy to set up. Plus, if you have the storage space, it’s cost-effective, as a good-quality artificial tree can last more than ten years. Nowadays, trees on the market come in all sorts of models (fir, pine, spruce, frosty, metallic), shapes, and sizes. Some are even sold pre-decorated. Trees with adjustable branches give them an even more natural look.

But before you buy your tree, it is best to measure the height and width of the area in which you plan to set it up. And don’t forget to keep enough ceiling clearance for a tree topper.

One last tip: if you plan on putting your tree in the dining room, choose a narrower model, which will take up much less space in this high-traffic area without sacrificing its decorative effect.

Natural looking decorated Christmas treeNatural looking decorated Christmas tree

So, have you made your choice?

You can buy your artificial Christmas tree directly on our website or contact your BMR dealer to pick up your natural Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays!

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