Make room for textured walls!

While paint is the most popular way to decorate walls, there are many other ways to make your walls an integral part of your decor. Simply add texture or create a relief effect with wallpaper, wood, ceramics, frames, or even rugs!


Sophisticated wallpaper

In recent years, the regal touch of wallpaper has made a comeback in the interior design world as it adds character and uniqueness to any room.

While geometric patterns are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, floral patterns beautifully enhance entryways, laundry rooms, and bedrooms.

However, if a multitude of textures isn’t your thing, opt for adhesives: installing and removing them is a snap, and they don’t damage the paint underneath.


Eye-popping ceramics!

The days when ceramic or porcelain tiles were available in only a few colours are long gone! Today, they come in a wide variety of hues, styles, textures, and sizes, allowing us to design refined and contemporary interiors anywhere we want.

To create a natural atmosphere, current trends include sandstone, metallic looks, and ceramic or porcelain tiles that mimic wood or stone.

To create a chic atmosphere ceramic tiles that imitate copper, aluminum, gold, bronze, or silver are the perfect solution, as they reflect light and create interesting focal points.

And for a really stunning kitchen or bathroom wall, try mixing and matching tiles with different motifs.


Say hello to tiles!

To give a wall a bit of texture, make some squares with simple MDF moulding. This will provide a guaranteed contemporary effect that adds style to a room without needing to change the furniture or decor.

For a refined, modern look, paint the moulding the same colour as the wall. You could even opt for paint with a high-gloss finish and point lights at the wall to highlight its new architectural details.


Wood: noble and versatile

Whether you prefer barn wood or laminate, there are many options available on the market for creating a richly textured wall. Use it behind the TV or headboard, or simply in the dining room, to create a more rustic or contemporary effect.

Wood—be it natural, varnished, or painted in specific colours—adds a noble touch to your decor.

However, be sure to watch out for the usual pitfalls.

  • Avoid the “total wood” look. For example: wooden furniture, wooden floors, and wooden walls.
  • Avoid mixing different wood species. Be sure to mix and match skilfully.
  • Vary your materials. Wood and iron make a mighty duo!

On a tighter budget? Several wood-imitation products are available in-store. Nowadays, these materials are of great quality and produce a result similar to that of real wood.

Gallery wall

Create a gallery wall!

Here are a few ideas for creating an unusual, unique wall:

First, turn a wall into a gallery to showcase your travel photos. Choose a theme, layout, and pattern for the frames and install them symmetrically and equally spaced. Simple, original, and unique!

A second option is to add an international flair with wood art, which is ideal for clean, Scandinavian, boho, or eclectic decors.

Berber carpets with colourful patterns are also in. Much like paintings, they create an eye-catching focal point.

In the same vein, a large woven wall tapestry is ideal for decorating a wall with an artistic flair. Cotton and wool are just as trendy as rattan! However, to avoid giving your guests the impression that your home is a macramé exhibit, hang no more than one tapestry in your abode. As the saying goes: less is more!