A Step Forward for Buying Local


Montreal, June 23, 2020 – On the eve of Quebec's national holiday and shortly before Canada Day, BMR Group is proud to announce that it will devote close to 95% of its media investments over the next 12 months to local media. In these particularly difficult times, coupled with the trend of digital media eating away at media revenues, it was only natural for BMR Group to go even further and enhance its commitment to support the local economy and local communities. In fact, buying local is in the company's DNA; in the past three years, BMR has already invested nearly $25 million in the local media industry. These investments should increase significantly with the signing of new agreements with local partners.

A flexible media plan for today’s context

Canadian advertisers today are averaging 74% of their digital media investments with American giants. Although BMR Group also initiated a digital shift in 2017, it was essential for the company to do things differently.

The media plan for the next 12 months will therefore be based on the use of local digital platforms, and traditional media that are already part of the Group's strategies. It will be developed through partnerships with many local media industry players such as Transcontinental and Cogeco, local radio stations like CFJO in Thetford Mines and CJRG in Gaspé, and Quebecor, with which BMR Group has just signed an unprecedented agreement to accelerate the company's digital shift.

In so doing, BMR is convinced that it will effectively reach audiences in the five Canadian provinces where the company operates and will also encourage local businesses which, like BMR Group, create and keep jobs here at home.

"Collaborating with local companies and serving the local populace are core values for BMR Group. But in the current context, we are all the more pleased to be able to push the envelope, to do our part with tangible action and even, I hope, launch a movement that will help rebuild our economy. More than ever, buying local is crucial. The overall health of our communities depends on it.”

- Pascal Houle, Chief Executive Officer, BMR Group

"We sincerely believe it is important to find a local alternative to the GAFA giants. It is our duty to make sure that our investments go into our local economy, and it is precisely in that spirit that we are making this announcement today. We are confident that a commitment to local media will be just as effective, if not more, in achieving our various targets and objectives, and hope to extend it beyond next year.”

- Jonathan Gendreau, Vice-president, Digital Marketing and Strategy, BMR Group

“By investing in local media, BMR demonstrates the scope of its commitment to local buying. We are particularly proud to have been chosen as a privileged partner of this great company. This is a significant gesture that will provide concrete support to the local media ecosystem while promoting our economy.”

- Pierre Karl Péladeau, President/CEO, Québecor


  • On the digital media side alone, BMR Group will reduce its use of foreign media by around 40%, and reinvest these sums in local media.
  • The only investments that will be maintained in foreign media will be for those that do not have local service equivalence. Those investments will always be kept at the lowest possible level to ensure a minimum performance. BMR Group will also maintain its presence on the leading social media, mainly in organic (free of charge) mode.
  • Buying locally has always been part of BMR Group's DNA. In fact, 90% of the company's merchandise comes from suppliers headquartered here at home.


BMR Group is a subsidiary of Sollio Groupe Coopératif and operates 300 renovation centres and hardware stores in Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Retail sales of BMR Group and its members are valued at $1.3 billion per year and some 8,000 people work in the group's stores. BMR Group is Quebec's largest hardware retailer, operating under the BMR, La Shop BMR, Agrizone, Potvin & Bouchard and Country Stores banners.


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[1] Canadian Media Concentration Research Project, http://www.cmcrp.org/