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Have you ever had problems with broken fence wires or ribbons or pasture nets? Litzclip® is the revolution in the field of electric fence repair.

For breeders, farmers or producers, a functional electric fence system is essential. Whether it is a pasture fence for cattle, horses, poultry, sheep or goats, the problem is always the same. Many hours to build and repair fences every year, not to mention the time lost in finding the damages in the fence. You always need a handy screwdriver and it takes ages to tighten the screws on all fence connectors. This action is repeated each time you have to tighten the fence: unscrew the screw (s), retighten the conductor and re-screw the screw (s). Time is money.

With Litzclip® fence connectors, you don't need any tools and they will be installed in just 30 seconds. Problem solved and you can take care of something else. Your fence will keep its shape, with perfect conductivity and without the help of an additional person to hold anything. A perfect solution for efficient repairs and optimal conductivity!

Litzclip is the easiest way to repair your fence. The products have been developed for you to allow you to repair all your ropes, tapes or nets simply, quickly, safely and at an affordable price. You don't need any other pair of hands or tools. Thanks to the use of Litzclip, your fence will keep its shape and the passage of electric current is ensured. The metal used does not rust and the plastic is strong and resistant. A patented product made in Germany.

The Litzclip principle

The principle

First you need to find the tear in the fence. Then, thread the ends of the rope or tape into the Litzclip®. Pull the plastic cap over the conductor and voila. The conductivity of your fence is ensured.

Note that for thin tapes, double it up before inserting it into the Litzclip®.

All connectors, no matter which one you choose, work under this same principle. It's much faster than conventional connectors and you don't need a tool or a second person.

The Litzclip products

The products

Litzclip® are available as a tape, rope or net connector as well as a barrier handle. The tape connectors are available in the standard widths of ½ in (12.5 mm), ¾ in (20 mm) or 1 ½ in (40 mm).

Rope and net connectors work on the same principle, they only differ in size: the net usually has a diameter of about ⅛ in (3 mm) and the fence rope in about ¼ in (6 mm) . In addition, more than two strands can be connected together with this principle, which is very useful in the case of torn sheep nets, for example. Litzclip® net connectors are also available as T connectors for three and cross connectors for four net ropes.

Again, the ends of the wire are attached by the plastic plugs to the stainless steel plate, which ensures optimum conductivity performance.

Barrier handle connectors are used to secure the conductor to the gate handle or gate insulator. You can simply hang them up and quickly re-stretch the tape at the door handle. These connectors operate with the same usual widths of ½ '' (12.5mm), ¾ '' (20mm) or 1 ½ '' (40mm) tape.

All connectors consist of a small stainless steel plate and two UV-resistant plastic caps. This protects you and guarantees continuity of current, as the conductor is held firmly against stainless steel by the pressure of the plastic caps. The stainless steel does not rust and the plastic used is strong and resistant. The special key-shaped and punched openings allow you to easily thread and secure the conductor.

Note that all the connectors have a stainless plate, therefore compatible with conductors containing copper. It is not recommended to use galvanized steel with copper as these are not compatible.

Still not convinced of this revolutionary solution? Watch the video below showing you the speed of installation or repair with these connectors.


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    Litzclip Electrical Tape Connector - 3/4" - 5/Pkg
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  2. Litzclip Electrical Tape Connector - 1 1/2" - 5/Pkg
    Litzclip Electrical Tape Connector - 1 1/2" - 5/Pkg
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    Premium Line electrical fence rope
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