Women: Admirable, Devoted and Strong

At BMR, our dealers are both men and women. Devoted individuals who want to help, guide and be involved, and also individuals who care about the well-being of their customers. Among those dealers, we find a number of women ready to give their all to take over family businesses and become a driving force in the construction and renovation industry. On this International Women’s Day, let’s focus on three women who inspire us.

Patricia l'Homme

Patricia L’Homme, BMR L’Homme & Fils in St-Sebastien

Patricia was introduced to the hardware world at a very young age. As far as she remembers, she has always worked at the family’s hardware store. Before she became co-owner of the store, it belonged to her parents. Patricia would spend an enormous amount of her free time there. This is when and where she learned to develop her “D system” … D stands for Diligence, but you could also say it stands for Determination and Devotion.

Patricia is involved in almost every aspect pertaining to the family business. She is also the mother of two young girls, 7 and 3 years old. One might think she has no time to give back, but that would be a mistake! She is part of the organizing committee for the Venise-en-Québec pond hockey tournament, and she is also involved with the Jacques Landry Foundation for Children, which provides help to local youth.

Patricia is passionate about the various tasks she gets to perform, and she is a woman of action who always has a ton of projects on the go. But one thing hasn’t changed since her very first day working at the store: her true mission, the most important one, is to make every customer happy when they walk into BMR L’Homme & Fils in Saint-Sébastien.

And today is not only International Women’s Day, it’s also Patricia’s birthday! Please join us in wishing her a happy 38th birthday!

Josée Levert

Josée Levert, BMR Émile Charette & Fils, Buckingham

When asked to tell her story, Josée Levert gets right to the point. It’s very simple, really: she grew up in the hardware store owned by her mother and her stepfather, Gilles! From the age of 14, she would wander the aisles and talk with clients. Over the years, she has gotten to know the clients personally, serving them from one generation to the next. Three (young) children later, returning from her latest maternity leave, Josée is more ambitious than ever. The time has now come for her to think about herself and the job she loves and, as she laughingly says, to resume a normal life.

The clients of BMR Émile Charette & Fils are very lucky to have an owner like Josée. Driven by the human interactions in her work, Josée is an extremely creative woman who has real talent for interior design. Drawing on her training in the field, she combines her knowledge of renovation with her aesthetic sense, guiding her clients in all of their projects like no other. She plans on putting her skills to good use in order to modernize her store in the near future, focusing on design. “I dream of it every single day,” she says. We can bet that her revamped store will be nothing short of breathtaking…

We are extremely proud to have a woman like Josée in our network!

Heather Towndrow

Heather Towndrow, BMR Lunenburg

Meet Heather Towndrow, an inspiring woman who is part of the large BMR Group network. After working as an engineer for several years, she took the plunge into the hardware world in 2018, taking over the family business along with her brother Greg.

Both innovative and bold, Heather doesn’t shy away from challenges. Quite the opposite! At the early age of 33, she is driven by the will to make a difference. Mother of a young child, she is fuelled by the idea of implementing systems that have the potential to bring about positive change, both in the company and in the wider society. Stopping at nothing, she never misses an opportunity to gain new knowledge. As a matter of fact, she was part of the second group of “Relais BMR”, a program intended to help BMR dealers manage their business transfer processes.

Inspired by the women around her, Heather focuses on innovation and collaboration and devotes herself both to the well-being of her employees and customer satisfaction. One thing is for sure, nothing will stop Heather from reaching her goals. The future looks very promising for the young manager.

Thank you, Heather, for being such an inspiring woman and role model for all of us!