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Decks are at the constant mercy of the elements, which carry a great deal of dirt and dust. All of this dirt gets embedded in any irregularities and make relaxation and eating areas a little less inviting. Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining a balcony is not as difficult as one might think and help to prolong its longevity.

Before you begin

Before you clean your balcony, you need to prepare the surface. To begin, remove all furniture and decorative objects. Sweep the entire surface with a stiff bristle brush to remove any debris. Then, wash the railing and the outside door because you don’t want the rain to cause dirt to trickle down onto your freshly cleaned balcony.

Now you’re ready to move on to your deck!

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Cleaning natural wood

Natural wood requires regular maintenance because it deteriorates quickly if not properly protected against UV rays, dirt and pollution, which affect its appearance and strength.

It is best to clean a natural wood deck in April and May at temperatures of around 7 to 10 degrees Celsius, as extreme summer heat can negatively affect your results.

Techniseal Wood Cleaner is a great product for removing mould, dirt and grease left from the barbecue. It even removes the grayish or blackish hue of wood that can greatly diminish the aesthetics of your outdoor oasis. Once the product is applied as specified by the manufacturer, it is important to brush in the direction of the grain of the wood and rinse thoroughly before the product has time to dry.

Dalles vendues en quincaillerieDalles vendues en quincaillerie

Tip : If your deck is spacious, proceed section by section.

If you want to clean your balcony with a pressure washer, KARCHER multi-purpose detergent is the right product for your needs. However, a pressure washer must be used sparingly on wood and should be set to a maximum pressure of approximately 500 psi (low pressure) so as not to damage it. You should also use a fan spray nozzle that produces a wide water stream and hold it approximately 16 inches away from your deck. Finally, avoid spraying water in the same area for too long, since this could damage the surface of the wood.

Once your deck is clean, apply a wood protector such as Thompson’s WaterSeal from Sherwin Williams to seal the wood and prevent damage caused by water and sunlight.

Composite wood

While composite wood requires very little maintenance, it is still recommended to clean it once or twice a year with a specific anti-mould cleaner.

You can then simply brush it with a stiff bristle brush and rinse using a garden hose. If you use a pressure washer, set it at low pressure.

If there are still stains on your composite wood, do not use bleach as it will change its colour. Put your cleaner directly on the spot, scrub with a brush and rinse.

Panneaux Euro Base de Rinox - remplace la fondation de rochesPanneaux Euro Base de Rinox - remplace la fondation de roches


A fibreglass deck also requires little maintenance. You can clean it using liquid dish soap mixed with water: brush it (never with metal bristles as they would damage the surface) and rinse.

If there are traces of rust left by metal objects, use a rust inhibitor to remove them.

If you see a crack on the surface of your fibreglass, it must be caulked immediately to stop water infiltration, which will inevitably cause further cracks.

Panneaux Euro Base de Rinox - remplace la fondation de rochesPanneaux Euro Base de Rinox - remplace la fondation de roches


If the floor of your balcony is cement or concrete, do not use abrasive or acidic products such as bleach, ammonia or white vinegar to clean it, as they will definitely damage it and contribute to its degradation.

Concrete floors should be cleaned using a brush with water and dishwashing liquid or baking soda. They must then be rinsed thoroughly.

If your concrete or cement deck has grease stains, you will need a specific product to remove them such as Techniseal Dirt and Grease Cleaner for concrete.

Once your surface is clean, you can protect it from dirt using MAPEI UltraCare Low-Sheen Sealer & Finish.

If you want to go beyond cleaning, TexNov is an acrylic coating that will give your worn concrete balcony a fresh new look. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, this product is not only cost-effective, but it also looks great!

Panneaux Euro Base de Rinox - remplace la fondation de rochesPanneaux Euro Base de Rinox - remplace la fondation de roches

Now all that's left is to enjoy your summer! 

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