How to start a garden for under $250

Over the last years, a lot of people have taken up gardening. And planters—raised or ground level, big or small, plastic or wood—have never been a more popular way to get started! 

Have surging grocery prices put you in a mind to start growing your own food? We’ve got just what you need: a complete, easy-to-maintain garden for under $250. No tools required—just get growing! 

Turn to Smart Pots

First, pick up a Smart Pot fabric planter Smart Pot.

With a capacity of 380 L, this 1.8-metre-long rectangular planter has three separate sections for different crops. Made of high-quality, heavy-duty geotextile, it’s washable, reusable and designed for proper soil drainage and aeration to prevent root rot.

Just unfold it, and you’re all set!

It’s also available in other sizes.

Planifier son projet de terrassementPlanifier son projet de terrassement

Add some quality soil

Next, you’ll need to fill your planter with high-quality soil to get your plants growing.

You can get a perfect mix for planter gardening by combining Botaflora garden soil with composted sheep manure or shrimp and peat moss compost, plus a little Botaflora potting mix to lighten it up.

With that blend, you’ll have the perfect conditions for growing vegetables and herbs. 



Les étapes de préparation du sol avant l'installation des dalles de patioLes étapes de préparation du sol avant l'installation des dalles de patio

Practical tip: Once you’ve filled your planter, all that’s missing are the plants! For good root development, add bone meal when planting your tomato and cucumber plants.  Bone meal comes in a useful resealable container and can also be used when planting trees, shrubs and perennials. 

Use the right fertilizers

For a bountiful harvest, it helps to use granular fertilizer.

Botaflora 8-12-14 granular garden fertilizer can be added once during planting and once mid-season to ensure a plentiful harvest. 

If you want to go the extra mile with your new garden, you can also use water-soluble fertilizers. For vegetables, we recommend 15-15-30 water-soluble garden fertilizer, available in 500 g and 1.5 kg. 
Starting a garden is easier than ever, and all for under $250! 


Panneaux Euro Base de Rinox - remplace la fondation de rochesPanneaux Euro Base de Rinox - remplace la fondation de roches

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