A Fun, Practical Child’s Room

Creating a child’s bedroom requires a lot of thought and planning. Certain factors must be considered, like your child’s the age and what functions the room will serve (study area, play area, etc.). Here are some ideas to create a space for your youngster that is practical, fun, and original.


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The Famous Cabin Bed

What young child wouldn’t want a cabin bed? None! The structures themselves are conducive to playtime. Depending on the preferences and gender of your child, you can decorate the wood frame with suspended stars and planets, teddy bears, butterflies, etc. Of course, many young girls would transform into little princesses if their beds were draped with decorative pastel fabric. With a cabin bed, bedtime has never been more popular!

Another highly sought-after structure for children is the teepee. This tent, made of wood and fabric, will surely become a space where your little one will want to play, read, or simply daydream.

You can find instructions for building a cabin bed or a teepee online. You can then pick up the materials you need at BMR.


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Creating a Sensory Wall

Sensory walls are great for stimulating the senses of babies and young children. What’s more, you can modify them often and at low cost with various materials and hardware items.

To build a wall of discovery, simply screw on or glue a variety of noisemakers (bells and chimes), tactile objects (feathers, sandpaper, locks, latches, sponges, fabrics), and visuals (mirrors, wallpaper, images) to a wooden board. You can also focus on one type of object to stimulate one sense at a time or incorporate a theme (seasons, planes, animals, etc.).

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Building a Library Wall

To ensure that your child’s books, toys, and stuffed animals don’t stay scattered all over the floor, provide them with storage space. You can, of course, place chests and bins around the room—but for a more attractive alternative, nothing beats a library wall.

While really young children may enjoy a library in the shape of a house, train, or barn, children in elementary or high school would be better off with modern furniture with good depth and compartments to store school materials, pictures, and trophies. If they prefer to keep their things out of sight, buy those felt baskets or wooden boxes that can slide into the compartments.

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Make Way for Creativity

Does your child like to draw? Why not create a space so they can explore their creative talent! And what about a space where they’re allowed to draw on the wall? Simply paint part of a wall with blackboard paint, available at BMR. Your budding Picasso will be able to create countless works of art with chalk.

But to ensure that your child’s creativity does not exceed the boundaries of the art-making space, it is best to build a wooden frame around the blackboard.

You can use moulding or simple wood strips, found in the LBM section.

It’s easy to awaken your child’s creativity and encourage them to play in their rooms. If they are old enough to help you decorate, ask them to choose what they like. Why not add some decorative elements? You can find them in the Home section of your BMR dealer.