Fall Lawn Care Tips

Want to fortify your grass before winter? September is the perfect month to do it! Follow these two steps for a beautiful lawn next spring.

1- Overseeding 

Fall is a good time for overseeding. This involves applying a light layer of soil over the entire surface of your lawn, followed by a layer of grass seed. Well watered, the seeds will have plenty of time to establish themselves before temperatures drop.

Products you’ll need: 

Use a fertilizer spreaderUse a fertilizer spreader

2- Use a fall fertilizer

This is also a good time to apply fall fertilizer, which helps your grass stay resistant to harsh winter conditions. Botaflora homogeneous lawn fertilizer gives grass all the nutrients it needs to be strong enough to survive the winter.

So get your spreaders ready!

Botaflora soil mix and Fall lawn fertilizer - BMRBotaflora soil mix and Fall lawn fertilizer - BMR

All Botaflora products are available online on our website or from your nearest BMR dealer.

The essentials for a strong lawn

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