Drinking troughs: Quenching your herd's thirst


A text by Marianne Lavoie

Your herd has great needs for water. It's very important to place watering points appropriately and find the best drinking trough with an adapted water flow following the needs of your animals. The Cosnet Industries group is composed of four companies - Cosnet and Pasdelou (metallurgie), Glava 72 (surface treatments), and La Gée (plastic processing), who, after combining their strengths, have utilised their collective knowledge to propose a range of products that are diverse, complementary, heavy duty and high quality. These products continuously meet the highest standards of the agricultural sector.

An exclusive brand only sold at Groupe BMR stores since 2017, the La Gée brand includes a wide variety of products made of polyethylene. These products include drinkers, drinking troughs, foot baths, pasturing vats, etc. Here are a few products:


The Polyspring II is perfect for approximately ten bovines in free or tied stalls with a water flow of up to 15 liters/min.

Equipped with a solid diecast aluminum bracket for an installation on the Thermo nozzle, insulated with polyurethane foam, this drinking trough has a constant water level. This nozzle helps keep the water temperature indoors between 3 to 5°C. The bowl is equipped with a spill proof edge made of heavy duty cast aluminum, helping increase the efficiency without spills or soiling the litter.


This drinking trough, with a water flow reaching up to 70 liters/min, is reliable and versatile, offering a capacity of up to 180 liters.

The Polymax was designed with a double walled polyethylene tub and equipped with three floating valves. Shallow and heavy duty, it can provide water for up to 40 bovines.

Because of its design, this drinking trough can be used in multiple ways, but is generally found in free stalls at the exit of milking parlours, between stalls or in areas where the animals can drink at both ends at the same time.


This vat has an anti spill interior edging that is made of rot resistant polyethylene resin. Stabilised with ultraviolet and gel, it is resistant against detergents and disinfectants.

The bottom is reinforced and smooth to help with the cleaning, can be washed with a pressure washer, and is equipped with a 32mm draining plug. This drinking trough has an integrated holding box to allow users to add a floating valve for a constant water level.

This vat is perfect to slate the thirst of a full bovine herd in pastures. Many formats are currently available: 450, 600 and 1000 liters.

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