Make your own art gallery with personalized and well-arranged arrangements!

Step 1 : Cutting paper replicas of frames

Step 1 : Cutting paper replicas of frames

Use kraft paper to cut templates of every frame, place all the templates on the floor to create a symmetrical layout. Start with larger models, and then add the others in decreasing order. This will make it easier to add the smaller sized models.

Step 2 : Install the arrangement

Step 2 : Install the arrangement

Once you have determined the final layout, place each template on the wall and hang it with adhesive putty. Using a pencil, trace a line to mark the position of the top part of each template.

Step 3 : Establish the final place of the framework

Step 3 : Establish the final place of the framework

Determine the final position of the frame before knocking in the nail, take the time to measure the distance between the outer edge of the frame (tightened towards the top part of the frame). Transfer this distance on the wall, from the top edge of the frame. Knock in the nail on the lowest mark. Once the layout is finished, take off the templates and admire your work!

Here are a few layout ideas to help you create :


In a hallway or along a wall, place the centre of the frames on one line only. Alternate large frames with smaller ones to create a nice symmetry. Important detail: both ends must have same sized frames.


If your ceiling is high enough, a longer wall will hold two rows of frames. Place the top of every lower frame on the same line, and place the bottom of every lower frame at the same height. About 5 cm (2") separate the two rows.


To create a unique layout with circular and angular frames, start by determining the space on the wall, such as a rectangle above the fireplace. Personalize your layout by using frames of various sizes and by varying the spaces between them.

Inspiration pièce vert 1
Inspiration pièce vert 2
Inspiration pièce vert 3


Why not superimpose the frames? It will add depth and texture. You must, however, follow these two rules:

All the frames must have the same size (all rectangles or squares).

The frames must all have the same colour or texture.

Nicely framed black and white pictures, simply resting against the wall, will look fabulous on a narrow shelf. The key to a well-coordinated room is in the harmony of colours and textures.