Comfy Calf – for the comfort of all!

Comfy Calf – for the comfort of all!

Your calves are at a fragile state in their lives. Like all newborns, their immunity system is not ready to face the diseases or environments that are not adapted to their needs.

The Agrizone banner, from Groupe BMR, recommends the Comfy Calf hutches from Canarm, that creates the best conditions for raising your herd. Let’s see what’s special about them!

According to Louise Leclerc, Canarm Quebec district manager, ‘the main criterias for calf comfort regarding lodgings are the best ventilation, ease in monitoring the health of your calves, ease in grouping animals without causing stress, reducing manipulations as much as possible, and finally, effective cleaning.’

The Comfy Calf hutches have many advantages that offer peace of mind when it comes to the well being of your calves. Firstly, their partitions are non-porous and compared to veneered separations often seen on the market, they have less risks of transmitting diseases. Calves are closer to one another, while remaining distanced, thus preventing the spread of sickness. With optional back panel with ventilation, fresh air easily circulates, further eliminating suspended organisms with dust, odors and humidity. It’s even possible for your calves to make their nests during the cold weather, partly due to the ventilated interior panel walls.

Calves aren’t exposed to stress - when transferring them to collective lodgings, no travelling is necessary. Considering that the lateral panels slide, all you need to do is remove one to create an open space that accommodates a group of six, eight or even ten calves. This system allows your animals to socially interact with one another while remaining in a stable and controlled environment.

Comfy Calf makes your life easier

It’s important to think about yourself when creating a new installation for your animals. ‘Because the calf hutches are inside your farm, overseeing animals is easier and you don’t need to lift or manipulate anything, explains Louise Leclerc. Not only does it help you save space and energy, the Comfy Calf hutches are easily adaptable to various forms and installations of buildings.’

The ergonomic design of the Comfy Calf ensures you don’t have to climb over gates or use the roof of the hutch to feed, dehorn, heal or observe the calves. The galvanised gates in front of the stall allows you to easily monitor events and ensure their safety. The entrance gate can be opened with one hand and swings towards the inside or outside, and the dual sided gate latch automatically closes behind you. Obviously, since you have a better access to your calves, the interactions with them are easier and improved.

As a result, these calf hutches help reduce the time and efforts linked to the cleaning compared to other models. All you need to do is slide the panels and use a dosatron for a quick and efficient cleaning. You can even use a pressure washer on the panels.

Quality is a priority

Comfy Calf hutches are made to lodge calves up to the age of eight to ten weeks. Panels are made of plastic, easily stackable, and the posts and brackets for buckets are hot dipped galvanized steel. As for the sliders and wall supports, they are made of stainless steel to ensure a greater durability with as little, if any, maintenance possible.

‘On the market, our calf hutches are some of the easiest to install and clean, states Louise Leclerc. They have unequaled durability, and to increase the comfort of your animals, we offer many accessories such as: bottle holders, hay feeders, handles for the buckets, etc.’

For more information or to get a quote, visit your nearest Agrizone store or communicate with our technical service team by phone (toll free) at 1-800-361-0885 or by email.