Painting your front door: How to choose the right colour

The front door is the first impression you get of a house. It reflects your personality and sets the tone for the mood of your home. The right colour can create a striking first impression. But what colour should you choose and, especially, in what paint? We answer these questions and more in this article!

What kind of paint should you use for a front door?

Your front door has to withstand all of Mother Nature’s mood swings. So, choose an exterior paint that’s washable, durable and, above all, high quality. Designed for interior and exterior applications, Splendi Supreme paint is easy to apply and 100% acrylic.

It is also VOC-free and available in matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes and 946 mL, 3.78 L and 18.9 L sizes. For front doors, we recommend a semi-gloss finish.

Another essential step is to prepare your painting surface. If you need help, ask your in-store paint clerk for guidance.

Here, Nocturnal by Splendi gives your front door character and elegance.

Pictured : 
Wall: Deer (6230-42) / Frame: Neutral Fusion (6185-21) / Door: Nocturnal (6207-73)

Colour: Nocturnal by SplendiColour: Nocturnal by Splendi

How do I choose the right colour?

Now that you know what type of paint to get, it’s time to choose a colour.

First of all, you want to make sure that the colour fits the architectural style of the house. Think about the parts of your house that will not be altered or removed—exterior siding, roof, windows, etc.—and narrow your choices to colours that match them.

Then, choose a colour. For a safe bet that will stand the test of time, earthy colours like black, dark grey, tan, khaki, rust and brown are classic options, as are lighter shades like beige.

Or, if you’re a more daring type, opt for a turquoise blue to evoke the seaside, or choose a sunshine yellow, bright red or deep burgundy.

Dive into blue for a touch of whimsy with colours like Winter Teal by Splendi, pictured here.

Wall: Climbing Ivy (6199-42) / Frame: English Embroidery (6186-21) / Door: Winter Teal (6162-52)

Colour: Winter Teal by SplendiColour: Winter Teal by Splendi

Tip: If you want to draw attention away from something you don’t like about your home, such as the siding, paint your door a bright colour that complements your home’s exterior. This creates a focal point that draws the eye (away from anything else).

Do we paint the frame the same colour or not?

Another question that may come up is whether or not to paint your door frame to match. If the mouldings help define your house’s architectural style, we recommend painting them in a different colour to really make them pop. On the other hand, painting the frame the same colour as the door will make the whole entryway look larger.

Refreshing the colour of your front door can update the whole facade and help welcome guests into your home! For a sure thing, check out our Splendi Instant Harmonies, sets of three colours that go together perfectly, every time. When you find your favourites, ask for them at your local BMR paint counter or find them in the Splendi section of

Here, The combination of Deer and Nocturnal makes the door frame stand out.

Wall: Neutral Fusion (6185-21) / Frame: Nocturnal (6207-73) / Door: Deer (6230-42)

Colours: Deer and Nocturnal by SplendiColours: Deer and Nocturnal by Splendi
Colour: Crimson and Oat by SplendiColour: Crimson and Oat by Splendi

The contrasting colours create a focal point.

Wall: Flannel (6185-41) / Frame: Oat (6110-11) / Door: Crimson (6039-63)

Colour: Town Life and Icicle by SplendiColour: Town Life and Icicle by Splendi

Splendi Instant Harmony “Stylish Greys” gives this porch a classic yet modern look.

Wall: Artistic Grey (6206-31) / Frame, rail and columns: Icicle (6171-11) / Door and floor: Town Life (6204-52)

Need more advice? Don't hesitate to contact your BMR dealer for more information.

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