A personalized office for under $200

A well designed and organized office is essential to work efficiently. But when tastefully furnished, it also becomes a space you love spending time in. Here are a few ideas to help you personalize your office for under $200.

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Take a seat!

A comfortable work chair is a must if you want to avoid back pain. It’s important that you try out several chairs to find the one that fits you best. For a more welcoming workspace, you might want to purchase a second chair or stool so that your loved ones can sit with you and chat.

Our black metal vintage-model chair harmonizes perfectly with any decor, as does our plastic contemporary model with wooden legs. Both models have a matching side table, which may be a practical addition if you plan on meeting clients or suppliers at your home.

For your visual comfort, ambient lighting is essential. Whether you choose hanging lights or a table lamp, the important thing is to see well without tiring your eyes.

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Zoom in to the wall decoration

To turn your office into a welcoming space that you enjoy spending long hours in, you need to create ambience. Art pieces are a simple and great way to create a mood that reflects your tastes and fields of interest. Whether you like still life, animals, or abstract art, we have a wide selection in store to suit every preference.

Besides their decorative appeal, mirrors have many clear advantages: they create the illusion of more space (very helpful if your office is cramped) and reflect the room’s light for optimal brightness. If you’re easily startled, point the mirror toward the entrance so that you can see who walks in.

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A warm and intimate ambience

Who ever said workspaces need to be cold and impersonal? Quite the opposite! Customize yours to fit your needs and preferences! By integrating a few decorative elements, you will personalize your space and make it more enjoyable.

A vase, a lantern, or a meaningful object can all greatly influence the atmosphere in your workspace. If you don’t have enough shelf space, consider installing a barn wood shelf, or for a rustic touch, a barn wood beam that will match wonderfully with all types of furnishing. Both are available in several dimensions, giving you the possibility to use them in a variety of ways.

Small, cozy elements

For a final, comforting touch to your custom workspace, get a carpet to keep your feet warm during the winter. It’s hard to stay focused when your toes are freezing! Add a pillow to prop up your tired back and a throw to cover your shoulders when fatigue sets in, and voilà! You’re ready to appreciate your office and find inspiration.

Want even more ideas and inspiration? Visit the Decorations section of your BMR store to see all our available products.