10 tips for making the most of your small outdoor space

Even if your back yard or balcony is small, you can still make it your own without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips for an outdoor space that’s comfortable, functional and stylish!

1. Choose the right furniture

These days, there are many choices when it comes to patio furniture. If you’re working with a small space, choose a set that’s comfortable and multifunctional. Adirondack chairs may be great for long evenings by the fire, but they don’t work quite so well for enjoying a sit-down meal al fresco. Instead, try combining reclining-back chairs with outdoor ottomans to go from dinner chair to lounger in seconds.

Patio furniture on a balconyPatio furniture on a balcony

2. Define zones for different uses

If you have enough space, divide your yard or patio into different zones based on your family’s needs. Create a layout that is safe and easy to move through. For example, if you have a children’s play area, make sure it’s far enough away from the barbecue. Even with just a balcony, you can set up a dining area on one side and a relaxation area on the other.

3. Put up outdoor lighting

Good lighting can not only allow you to spend more time in your outdoor space but also add a nice ambiance to it. Get creative! Nowhere to hang light fixtures? Decorate with string lights. No power outlets? Try solar lights.

Warm atmosphere on the outdoor patioWarm atmosphere on the outdoor patio

4. Add an outdoor rug

Hide a boring concrete floor, visually define a relaxation area or just spruce things up with a pop of colour. It’s as easy as laying down an outdoor rug!

Beautiful tropical outdoor rugBeautiful tropical outdoor rug

5. Get cozy with a fire pit

If your space is limited, a gas fire pit could be a great way to add a little warmth to your patio. Some models come with a built-in tank and can even be used as side tables when not lit.

Get cozy with a fire pit and a glass of wineGet cozy with a fire pit and a glass of wine

6. Go green!

Even the smallest space can be transformed into a garden oasis. Try using hanging planters to save space. If you don’t have anywhere to hang plants, get a shelf to hold different flower pots. 

You can even enjoy plants without a green thumb. Just pick out some high-quality artificial plants for maintenance-free greenery!

Samll garden oasisSamll garden oasis

7. Try planter gardening

No room for a garden? Many herbs and vegetables do very well in pots, like basil, parsley, lettuce or courgettes. You can find a variety of modular gardens and fabric planters that make it easy to start gardening, no tools required. So why not try something new? Trade in your flowers for herbs this year.

8. Create a custom privacy screen

Neighbours are nice, but we all need some time to ourselves. There are many different ways to create a space safe from prying eyes. If you don’t like the look of a balcony screen, you can put up sheets of artificial foliage. For a more natural look, a simple, strategically placed wooden trellis creates privacy and makes the perfect home for climbing vines. Or for a chic, longer-lasting solution, build your own permanent privacy screen with a Hoft kit.

custom privacy screen - Hoft BMRcustom privacy screen - Hoft BMR

9. Add a little colour

If your patio furniture is feeling too plain, elevate it with colourful accessories like fun-shaped flower pots, vibrant cushions or a boldly patterned rug. If your outdoor space isn’t too exposed to the elements, you could even add some wall art. Or play with colour by painting your furniture or decorations—just be sure to use proper outdoor paint.

10. Rethink your storage solution

Small spaces can get cluttered easily. Decide where to store your cushions and gardening tools when they’re not in use. You can get heavy-duty outdoor storage bins or build your own outdoor bench with built-in storage. In winter, your patio furniture can get damaged if left under the snow. Read up on materials before you buy and think about how you’re going to store your furniture in the offseason. Planning ahead will make your furniture last longer.


Outdoor bench with built-in storage BMROutdoor bench with built-in storage BMR

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