With the imminent arrival of a move, there follows a bit of anxiety, stress and moments when you wonder if you have forgotten something. Don't panic, a good preparation, a few lists and a little bit of organization will help you to manage the big day.

Once "M" day is over, you can take a good breath and place your items at your own pace in the right places in your new home.
Follow our tips for an easy move!

Moving essentials

1. Clean before you arrive

If possible, get things ready before it’s time to move your things into your new home. You may want to dust the kitchen cabinets, clean the closets, wipe down the counters and walls, etc.

That way, when you move in, your friends can start putting away dishes and other items as soon as they’re unwrapped.

Clean up before you moveClean up before you move

2. Stock bathroom essentials

Don’t forget to clean the bathroom and make sure you have toilet paper, soap and other essential everyday items.

Anyone helping you move will certainly appreciate it.

Toilet paper roll in a boxToilet paper roll in a box

3. Paint before you move in

Ideally, you should clean any surface before painting it. You’ll need a few cloths, sponges and cleaning products. Make sure your floors are protected with tarps or old bedsheets. There may also be cracks or holes to fill, so be sure to bring plaster.

Your choice of paint is very important. Be sure to choose colours that you like and that fit the function of each room. Acrylic paint is ideal for interior walls, as it dries quickly and usually doesn’t give off a strong odour.

You can choose a matte, satin or glossy finish. Matte paint is generally used for ceilings, while the other types are easier to clean and therefore more suitable for walls. If you want darker coloured walls, don’t forget primer.

And finally, remember to keep your space well ventilated during painting. Open the windows and maybe set up a fan or two. Besides keeping the fumes out, you’ll probably enjoy the breeze—painting is hard work!

Paint roller with its trayPaint roller with its tray


Besides paint, you'll also need:

  • Brushes in different sizes
  • Paint rollers
  • A paint tray
  • Masking tape
  • A stepladder
  • Paint coveralls
Supreme Splendi paint made in CanadaSupreme Splendi paint made in Canada

4. Bring drinks and snacks

Moving day is usually a major event. Bring along a cooler packed with refreshing beverages, snacks and ready-to-eat meals.

Don’t forget a couple of ICEpaks to keep it all nice and cold.

5. Pack your essentials and valuables

Keep your most important possessions close at hand—laptops, cash, jewelry, cell phones, etc. You’ll also want to pack an outfit to change into after a nice shower at the end of the day..

6. Take photos of your electronic equipment connections

Before unplugging and packing all your appliances, take photos of how they are plugged in.

When it’s time to set everything up at your new abode, all you have to do is match your photos.

Electronic equipment connectionsElectronic equipment connections

7. Wrap your dishes in towels and cloths

Save on bubble wrap and packing paper that will most likely just end up in the garbage once you’re unpacked. Gather up some towels and dishcloths to protect your fragile items.

8. Don't forget packing supplies

Moving can be expensive, but don’t skimp on the packing supplies.

Make sure that nothing gets broken in the move by using high-quality boxes and tape. We also recommend using plastic film to hold everything in place while it’s in transit.

Using transparent wrap allows you to see the packaged items while keeping them protected from dust.

Stretch wrap film Stretch wrap film

9. Move your clothes on hangers

Keep your clothes hung up and use an elastic band to hold the hangers together, then place them in a large plastic bag. This will save you plenty of time, and your clothes won’t be wrinkled by the time you arrive at your new place!

10. Have a plan for moving heavy items

Moving furniture, boxes and appliances can be a difficult task. Try using a dolly and ratcheted straps to secure your things and move them more easily.


Don't forget to make a list of all your to-dos for the big day. Don't hesitate to assign certain tasks to the people present in order to better organize your move. Finally, think about your pets! On moving day, isolate your cat in a closed room with its bowls and litter box, both in your old home and in your new home. If you don't think you'll have time to take care of your dog, why not leave him with someone you trust, or leave him in a boarding facility for the day.

And once the move-in is finally over, you will finally be able to decorate to your liking!

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