Stratton Bracket - Deck Bracket

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Get the hang of the Stratton Bracket. It makes deck installation simpler and faster!

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Stratton Bracket - Deck Bracket
Stratton Bracket - Deck Bracket
• Bolts directly against most types of siding, including vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood, and masonry. Also simplifies most other steps, including framing, squaring, leveling, bracing, and supporting. • The Stratton Bracket accommodates any size of 2x material and allows: - The framework to be built on the ground much more easily and then set into place. - The framework to be shifted in brackets for squaring, leveling, and centering to the house. - Air to circulate between the house and the deck, preventing water buildup that could cause rot, decay, or insect infestations. - The ledger board to expand and contract without affecting its securement to the house. - The project to be temporary or permanent. • This bracket eliminates: - Cutting into the siding to attach the ledger board. - Pre-fitting and securing the ledger board to the house. - Flashing and caulking the ledger board. - Trimming the cut-up siding and ledger board. - Much of the ladder work for elevated decks and arbors. • Bracket spacing recommendations for framework using: - 2 x 6 joists: space brackets up to 24 in (609.60 mm) on center. - 2 x 8 joists: space brackets up to 16 in (406.40 mm) on center. - 2 x 10 joists: space brackets up to 16 in (406.40 mm) on center. - 2 x 12 joists: space brackets up to 12 in (304.80 mm) on center. • Note: The Stratton Bracket was specifically designed to comply with most building codes. Contact your local building department for approval of recommended spacings. • Installation tips: To install the bracket, simply drill a pilot hole into the siding, dab a little caulking into the hole, and fasten it securely to the house with a 5/8 in (15.88 mm) diameter lag or bolt placed through the top hole of the bracket. It's just that easy. Next, if conditions allow, build the framework on the ground and then set it into the brackets. For large decks, build the frame in sections and then set them in place. Once the framework has been leveled and squared, secure it by placing a 1/2 in (12.70 mm) diameter bolt through the lower hole of the bracket and into the ledger board.
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ComponentGalvanized steel
Dimension1 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in
Length5 1/2 in
Width1 1/2 in

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