10 tips for choosing light fixtures

For each room, its own lighting! Here are 10 tips to allow you to choose your light fixtures throughout the house.



1. In the dining room: a hanging or pendulum light combined with wall lamps or encased light.

2. In the living room: a ceiling light or hanging light, some encased lights and a few table lamps.

3. In the vestibule: a powerful ceiling lamp or recessed lights or a decorative lamp.

4. In the kitchen: hanging lights or a linear luminary over the kitchen island, LED luminaries under the cupboards, encased lights or a rail over the sink.

5. In the bathroom: wall lamps on each side of the mirror, recessed lights or ceiling lamp.

6. In the bedrooms: a ceiling lamp or hanging light (make sure the light bulb is hidden), table or reading lamps.

7. Over the dining room table: the hanging light must cover approximately half of the length of the table. The distance between the bottom of the hanging light and the table must be between 30 and 34 inches.

8. The wall lamps must be at three quarters of the wall starting at the floor (approx. 6 ft).

9. Allow between 10 and 12 inches of clearance between the walls and recessed ceiling lights.

10. For the office, we recommend a flexible arm standing light with a 50w (minimum) halogen bulb. Installed it at an angle to limit areas of shadow: on the left for right-handers, on the right for left-handers. 

Source: Les idées de ma maison Author: Chantal Lapointe